Countering The Brainwashing Of U.S. Students


The root cause of much of the anti-American behavior expressed on U.S. college campuses and in local demonstrations by college students et al. is that they have never been outside of the United States; they have no idea what the lack of freedom is.

The liberty to express one’s opinions or ideas is taken for granted by American youth (and some others) today. In their opinion, this liberty includes being able to vehemently and in some cases violently disagree with those positions conflicting with their own.

Recently, a young woman in Valdosta, Florida, was overpowered by four police officers and has been officially banned from ever entering a particular college campus again. Her crime? She, as a veteran, was protesting the fact that students were disrespecting, including walking on, the American flag, which they had thrown on the ground.

Additionally, students at another Florida university “tore American flags off the veterans’ cars, threw them on the ground and proceeded to urinate on them. They further antagonized the veterans by pouring beer off a balcony onto several veterans, who were standing on the sidewalk below.”

If you don’t know what something is, you can’t appreciate it. So it is with many young Americans. They have no idea of the cost or value of the freedoms they are abusing today. They criticize, abuse and disrespect basic liberties and disregard the cost of these freedoms. Since they have never spent any time in any place where total freedom is not the standard practice for all citizens, they cannot appreciate the liberties they enjoy as Americans.

Left-leaning educators have vilified America’s role on the world stage, or minimized and in some cases criticized our role in securing freedoms for much of the world, so many of today’s college students have no idea of the price paid for their freedom.

Brainwashing was once considered a tool of those who would rule a society by controlling what the citizenry was taught. Today, liberal educators have transformed America’s educational system into a means of brainwashing the next generations against her. America is now being positioned as an oppressive, capitalistic, greedy enemy of the people. College graduates and “informed” citizens are now seeking ways to transform the U.S. into the image placed in their minds by these so-called educators.

This worldview says: Let us not insist on excellence, quality, hard work, sacrifice, self-denial, thrift, personal initiative and responsibility, or any of the other virtues that are the foundations of our nation and vital to the continuing greatness of America. Somehow, we have arrived at the conclusion that greatness in some way denigrates.

Interestingly, none of the critics are asking why hundreds of thousands or, according to some estimates, millions of people are flooding illegally into this “oppressive, capitalistic, greedy” society. Perhaps they feel if enough of these “pilgrims seeking freedom” arrive, America can be “transformed.” No, you can’t ask: transformed into what?

Is there a solution? Yes, I have one, and quite a simple one at that. The reason many young people are critical of America is because they have not been anywhere else; they have nothing by which to make a comparison.

Here is my simple solution. Students would not graduate from American high schools at grade 12 but at grade 13. However, they would spend grade 13 in another country (their choice) at the pay grade of their father or mother in that country. For example, if the mother is a single parent, the students live on whatever the host country pays single mothers, say in Africa, the Middle East (Israel excepted) or the Far East. If their father works for a corporation on an assembly line, they live off what he is paid in maybe China or India. If he is a carpenter, farmhand, or owns a yard cleaning business, the student lives off what the families of farmhands earn in Mexico, Cuba or Central America. (Mexican laborers earn about $4-5 per day.) Girls would get the same in-country treatment as females in the aforementioned locales, like perhaps Iran, Iraq or Saudi Arabia.

Upon “graduation,” they come back to the land of the free and home of the brave. But then, that puts you right back in “oppressive, capitalistic, greedy” America, doesn’t it?

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