Biography for Janice Shaw Crouse, PhD


Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D., Executive Director of the World Congress of Families IX, is based in the nation’s capital where she has worked for more than 25 years. She most recently was head of a Washington, D.C. think tank focusing on marriage and family issues, as well as political commentary. Previously, she was a presidential speechwriter during the George H.W. Bush administration, authoring major presidential policy addresses. She received the prestigious 2014 Reed Leadership Award from Olivet Nazarene University.

Janice is author of four books, most recently, Children at Risk (2010) and Marriage Matters (2012), published by Transaction Publishers, the publisher of record for international social science research. She is a weekly columnist whose articles appear on American Thinker and American Spectator. She is a popular speaker at national and international events. She appears on the major television news channels and radio talk shows as a commentator on marriage, family, children and political issues. She has been a plenary speaker at all the World Congress of Families conferences after 1997 in Prague. (Geneva 1999, Mexico City 2004, Warsaw 2007, Amsterdam 2009, Madrid 2012, Sydney 2013, Salt Lake City 2015).

The National Press Club’s compendium of experts said of Janice, “Her common sense, refreshing honesty and intriguing perspective on cultural and political issues expose spin to reveal truth in a way that has earned respect and made her a popular cultural analyst. Known for applying her strong intellect and articulating her solid faith with candor and humor, she is a conservative leader who appeals across ideological and religious barriers.”

Janice has been named a “Woman of the Year” three times (1998 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce; 2008 – Centers for Decency; and 2013 – World Congress of Families). She received an “Abolitionist Award” from the U.S. Department of State (2008) and a “Global Leadership Award” from the Leadership Institute (2013).  She also serves on four national Task Forces and Coalitions on national and international issues: Against Sexual Trafficking, Against Abuse of Women, Promoting Human Rights, and Promoting Religious Freedom.

She is married to Gilbert L. Crouse, a Ph.D. economist from Purdue. They have 2 adult children (Charmaine Yoest (husband, Jack) a Ph.D. in politics from the University of Virginia. They have 5 children: James 12, Sarah 15, Helena 18, John, 20 and Hannah 22.  Gil Jr (wife, Naomi) is a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland; they have two sons: Mark 18 and Lewis 20.

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