Kingdoms In Konflict


In these challenging and uncertain times, we are reminded of our call and charge to live countercultural to the World. To that end, Kingdoms in Konflict: A Matter of Faith, Race, and Politics stands as a voice to address sociopolitical issues from a biblically conservative worldview. Each show is intended to make a clear distinction between a biblical prescription versus the secular prescription to the most pressing issues facing society today. Our ultimate goal is to advance the Kingdom of God in our churches, communities, and our country by encouraging our listeners to vote their values, and to actively engage in the political process that represents all of us.

Hosted by Dr. Eric M. Wallace, Co-Founder, and President of Freedom’s Journal Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy, this series will tackle hot topics such as:

Scientific Racism

King Vs Kaepernick

The Problem of White Guilt

1619 Vs 1776 projects

What is Conservatism

BLM Protests

Black History in our Schools

Causes of Economic Disparity

Conflict of Visions

And Much More…

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