Is the NBA’s Action Against Sterling Constitutional?

L.A. ClippersThe alleged taping of LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling private talk is being used to blackball him from the NBA and take a team from him which he paid for with his own money.  The US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of association and protections of personal property.  All seem to have been violated here as Mark Cuban so aptly noted in the case of Donald Sterling who has the right to be a moron.

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  1. Linda Mitchell says:

    This is most definitely a slippery slope. What is the proper action? Wow…. I despise racism and everything he said made me sick. I grew up in racism and a racists heart is most definitely rotten to the core. My instinct is that this pig should not be allowed to be around other humans. This article however, does make me stop and think that the commissioner really cannot force a person to sell their business. It is unConstitutional.

    As for the rap artists and what they rap about, I say two wrongs do not make a right. Rappers aren’t any better for what they say. Just because they are black does not make it right and they make me sick too!

    This will be interesting to see how it plays out. As much as I want this man to be forced out of Basketball… we have a Constitution and that is first and foremost.

  2. Edward Ronkowski says:

    Our Constitution protects its citizen’s right to free speech from government control. The NBA and its various owners are free to enter into their own contractual relationships, and our courts will enforce those terms unless they are unlawful or against public policy. Since the Clipper’s owner has a contractual relationship that allows for his being removed under the terms of an agreement he freeing signed, then there is nothing under the U.S. Constitution and our system of jurisprudence that would interfere with the terms of this contract.

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