2017 March for Marriage

As many of you may know Freedom’s Journal institute co-sponsored the 2017 March for Marriage in Washington D.C. this past June 17th. We held our own BCS Leadership Initiative on Thursday and Friday entitled “Black Families Matter” co-sponsored and held at the Heritage Foundation. It was well attended by Black Conservative leaders with speakers including: Star Parker of CURE; Rev. Dean Nelson of the Douglas Leadership Institute; Rev. Derek McCoy of CURE; Dr. Alveda King of Priests for Life; and scholars Dr. William Bradford Wilcox Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, Dr. John Trent, the Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry at Moody Theological Seminary, as well as a host of others.

However, the “March for Marriage” was a different animal. It was our first time joining with NOM (The National Organization for Marriage), but not our last. The numbers weren’t what we anticipated, but the spirit and mood of those who did attend was exceptional. It felt good to put action to what we discussed the day before. It’s one thing to attend a summit where everyone thinks the same and can agree on the problems and possible solutions; but quite another thing to publicly take a stand that has become less popular then it was just 15 years ago.

It was also refreshing to see people take time out on their Saturday afternoon to publicly proclaim traditional marriage as that of one man and one woman amidst possible ridicule and derision from those who adamantly disagree with our position. However, we weren’t there to bash homosexuals or lesbians. We were there to praise and worship our Creator—the designer and originator of marriage. Furthermore, we were there to remind people that God sanctioned marriage between one man and one woman, FOR LIFE. We were there to encourage people who are married to stay married, and those who think marriage is only for White people to think again.

Among others, my wife, Jennifer, and I were joined by Pastors Brian and Denise Walker, Walter and Lori Hoye, Melanie Collette and Lonnie Poindexter, who also attended the BCS Leadership Initiative. NOM organizers Brian Brown, Diego Von Stauffenberg, Joseph Grabowski as well as a faithful remnant from previous marches were also among those who gave speeches and sang a few songs as we marched to the Supreme Court building.

It reminded me of the story of Gideon, in Numbers chapter 8, who eventually routed his enemy with 300 men. Or, the story of David who defeat Goliath, after which the children of Israel defeat the Philistines. Or, the twelve disciples who God used to help turn the world right-side up. The point is, God doesn’t need a large crowd to bring about change. In fact, He generally starts out small so people will recognize that it is God and God alone who will bring about substantive change. In fact, He just calls us to be obedient—and obedient we were.

You see it doesn’t matter what the law is concerning same sex marriage. It may be lawful, but it will never be moral. Marriage may be in decline but God is the progenitor and the keeper of the natural family. The family is God’s provision for companionship and posterity. It’s the main social context within which people live their lives. Even though deeply flawed and fallen God uses His people and the family to perpetuate His covenant (Noah, Abraham and David).

“The Bible is a story about God’s family from beginning to end. God made families in the first place partly as a biological and social basis for the human race, and partly as the channel of his grace and judgment. God is also making for himself a family of sons and daughters who will serve him, praise him, and reign with him in his kingdom forever (Rev. 22:3-5).”[1]

Consequently, when we take a stand for the natural family and marriage we reaffirm our belief that God has established the family to carry out His will. Any change in its definition or function is at cross purposes with the Creator himself and perverts his design and plan.

Marching for Marriage should be the duty of all whom name the name of Jesus as their Savior, just as Marching for issues of Life. Both are part of the blessing that God gives to humanity in Genesis 1:26-28. It’s part of our bearing God’s image and should be part of our testimony to stand for its truth and longevity. We were grateful to be a part of a “new” beginning for the March and hope to see you there at the

[1] Dictionary of Biblical Imagery p.267

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    For point of reference, I am a believing Christian.

    The organized Christian church is responsible for the loss of the spiritual meaning of marriage.

    It sought to deny to the LGBT community the civil right of a civil union. The fact is, that even before the US Supreme Court ruling, all marriages were civil unions: civil contracts under secular law.

    The organized Christian church should have done the Christian thing of openly supporting the same legal treatment for LGBT’s as any other secular civil unions. Such a position, if taken much, much sooner may have caused the LGBT community to realize that such secular civil unions were, absolutely, the secular equivalent of the secular civil unions, to which Christians added spiritual marriage.

    But, both the organized Christian church and the LGBT community fought a “take no prisoners” war over this issue. This guaranteed there would be a winner and a loser.

    The LGBT community won.

    The organized Christian church lost.

    Yet, in their victory, the LGBT community was ungracious. It continues its malice toward the organized Christian church and vice-versa.

    In 2015, the Chicago Blackhawks won a national championship in ice hockey. In 2015, the Chicago Blackhawks held a huge parade showing their pride in this accomplishment. With no repeat championship, this celebratory parade has not reoccurred in 2016 and 2017.

    In 2015, the LGBT community won a national “legal championship.” In 2015, the LGBT community held a huge parade showing their pride in this accomplishment. And they repeated the celebration of this victory in 2016 and 2017.

    I expect the LGBT community will remain ungracious.

    Thus it is up to the organized Christian church to do the Christian thing and end the marriage rancor. It must finish mourning its loss of the spiritual meaning of marriage. It must abandon its bitterness of its loss in this “civil war,” lest that bitterness add to that of the first Civil War: such bitterness continues to this day.

  2. Beck Oliver says:

    Going to this march accomplishes nothing except wasting time, energy and money. NOM has no future other than bankruptcy. They’re doomed.

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