Kevin Durant and The Absent Father

Angry Kids 2About two weeks ago Oklahoma Thunder power forward Kevin Durant became the recipient of the National Basketball Association’ “Most Valuable Player” award for the 2013/14 NBA season. His graceful and gracious acceptance speech was seen live by millions and has been viewed on the internet multiple millions of times since. K.D.’s speech was emotional –at times heart wrenching- as he freely gave credit for his award away to fans, coaches and teammates. It was a class act by a seemingly class guy.

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  1. dr.dulcamara says:

    Now apply this to the current POTUS. Everything becomes pretty clear. THere is more evidence of “affirmative-action privilege” than there is of “white privilege.”

  2. dr.dulcamara says:

    Great pice, by the way, Mr. WIlburn.

  3. tom says:

    Great piece Derrick, thank you.

  4. Derrick says:

    Are you f**king kidding me? How dare you speak onissues youcan’t possiblyunderstand? We should hate blame the Democrats? Blame Nixon, you uneducated, uninformed bastard! Blame Reagan and Bush Sr, too! That so called war on drugs that disproportionately targeted minorities and inner cities. And a minority, especially a darker skinned one, were more likely to face serious jail time for an offense that a non minority would’ve gotten a warning on. Hell, they tried to jail for driving while black. “Routine traffic stop” is what they called it. The fact that I worked for a lawyer sacred me from improper search that would’ve mysteriously found drugs in my boss’ car. That, above all elsestrikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual, created the black absent father’s of the 70’s that kept snowballing. Absent fathers create absent fathers.

    1. phred01 says:

      As a libtard, your frothing at the mouth shows how ignorant you really are. You stand arm in arm with the party that gave you the KKK., you endorse the person that assassinated Lincoln, a democrat. You stand arm in arm with all the democrats that that fought against integration all the way from the civil war up to and including Johnson. Learn to read and then apply it to history, not the convoluted history coming from common core. Go back under your bed, with a flashlight and practice reading, until you are able to read and comprehend history.

      1. Derrick says:

        I understand the term “paradigm shift”, simpleton. Do you? Southern conservatives did those things, and at the time it was the democratic party. That changed during the late 60s.

        1. phred01 says:

          Nothing changed in the late sixties, except the libtards are more miltant than ever to try and control peopls thoughts and actions. More people on food stamps, make a person more dependent on the govt. ( the plantations owner)You are the only one your impressing with your drool.

          1. Derrick says:

            Don’t you have a cousin to be sleeping with or something?

          2. phred01 says:

            yes, but your mama told me not to tell you.

        2. Eleanor Boening says:

          How stupid do you have to be to believe a lie like that? I was there during the 60’s… Nope… didn’t happen.

    2. “Are you f**king kidding me?”
      “you uneducated, uninformed bastard!”
      Is this really necessary? Can we not communicate without dropping to the level of hurling vulgarities at one another? Why so angry? Increase the peace, my brother. We can disagree, have civil discussions, all raise valid & debatable points, and all come out the better for it.

      And you are clearly ignorant of my background, I am highly educated.

      “Blame Nixon,… Blame Reagan and Bush Sr, too! That so called war on drugs that disproportionately targeted minorities and inner cities.”

      So essentially;
      A) Blame anyone with a “R” after their last name? Democrats neither now nor historically had or have ANYTHING to do with it. Lyndon Johonson’s “Model Cities Program” (assuming you know what that is), the first of which was Detroit Michigan (where there hasn’t been a Republican in office in our lifetimes) had absolutely no effect?

      B) If a person gets involved in drug use or trafficing, that’s Ronald Reagan’s fault? To be sure your comments about DWB and laws disproportionately affecting blacks –particularly inner-city blacks– are accurate. But you know what, there’s a thing called personal responsibility. I have never been brought up on drug charges and sent to jail or prison. Want to know why? Because I don’t do drugs.

  5. Angie says:

    Yikes, Spelling lessons for the foul mouthed one…….

  6. Mike says:

    Terrific article Derrick. Keep fighting the good fight.

  7. Doug says:

    Great piece… Nailed it…I grew up in Cincinnati. My dad left when I was 8. Most of the other children lived in single parent homes and were raised to blame everyone else for thier plight. All my friends taught to become victims of our circumstances. At around 10 years old I was hanging out on a street corner, a beautiful Porsche drow by. My friends began to howler and though things at this car as it passed. F that guy they said. I said damn I want to be that guy. It’s your choices and responsabilty to become successful. White or black life is hard. It’s harder if your uneducated. Oh I’ve owed three Porsches, my own airplane for ten years. This high school drop out Bodyman put a son though law school, another son that serves in the military in Afganastan. I also have two teenage daughters that are straight A students. Change your attitude and you can completely change your families path in history. I worked 60 hours a week for ten years before starting my own business.

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