During the NCAA basketball Final Four Playoffs, the NCAA ran ads condemning the abuse of women. The NBA and the NFL have been doing the same.  The NBA also ran ads condemning those who use the word “gay” as slang.  On March 28, 2015, several groups and politicians condemned the State of Indiana for passing a Religion Freedom piece of legislation, which would allow their businesses to discriminate or choose not to do business with a group whose practices or lifestyles violated their religious convictions.  Many believe the law is homophobic and threatened to no longer do business in State of Indiana.  To me, it’s all hypocritical!  Why?  These protestors never protest in front of Mosques, condemning Islam and the Muslim community for the Koran’s strong condemnation of gay lifestyles.

It is also interesting to note that the NCAA made their threats, but they never threatened to stop doing business with any colleges where their fraternities use the word “nigger” nor do they prevent colleges from participating in NCAA events where black students feel the need to have a Black Student Union to deal with racial issues on campus.  Neither the NBA nor the NFL have never run ads condemning the use of the word “nigger” nor have they ever threatened to boycott any singers or recording companies that produce music with the word “nigga” in it.  And politicians and city officials have never threaten to boycott other cities where it is necessary to have a NAACP office in their city or state to deal with racial issues pertaining to blacks, or those cities and governments where their black employees feel the need to join the organization: Blacks In Government (BIG).

Black organizations still exist today because racism still exists today, but most of these politically correct institutions and organizations ignore racial issues pertaining to blacks.  They do so because they really don’t care about blacks and most blacks know this.  That’s why blacks have their own national organizations for black doctors, black lawyers, black engineers, black accountants, black journalists, black educators, black psychologists and other professions in addition to their own black newspapers and black radio stations.   Most companies that advertise in Gay Newspapers do not advertise in black newspapers or on black radio stations, but no one condemns these companies or threatens to boycott them.

Do I have a problem with the ads condemning domestic violence, homophobia, or the abuse of women?  Absolutely not!  My concern is that these politically correct individuals and organizations can see the problems in the areas mentioned above and consider them a priority by investing millions to run ads. However they cannot see the conditions and issues affecting 30 million African Americans and make them a priority. Even though many of these same governments, companies, educational institutions and sports organizations benefit from the $500 billion dollars that blacks spend each year purchasing their goods and services.  I’m concern because colleges are one of the most segregated institutions in America, perhaps only second to our churches.  If you walk into any college Student Union Building, you will see blacks sitting in their groups, Asians sitting in their groups, Latinos sitting in their groups and whites sitting in their groups. Each group has their own student organization to address issues specific to their race or an organization for women’s issues (consisting primarily of white women).  Why doesn’t the NCAA, the NBA, the NFL, businesses, city and state governments establish a policy that they will not support or participate with any college, business, or city or state governments where blacks feel the need to have their own organizations to protect them from racial discrimination?  If they can run ads in an effort to wipe out rape, homophobia, domestic violence and the abuse of women, they can make a commitment to wipe out racism against blacks, which has been going on for over 400 years. Hell will freeze over before any of these politically correct individuals or organizations will do this. They will treat this editorial like they treat the problems that blacks face everyday – like it doesn’t exist.

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