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After departing the Oval Office, President Barack Obama walks along the White House Colonnade to board Marine One on the South Lawn en route to Joint Base Andrews, Md., Feb. 25, 2015. The President then flew aboard Air Force One to Miami, Fla., for a town hall on immigration reform at Florida International University. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

In case you didn’t know it (and everybody does) our President is a part of the “open borders” crowd. Open borders proponents believe ‘there are no lines’. When you look at a map, globe or atlas it has lines drawn on it which depict borders; where one nation ends and another begins. In reality of course those lines do not exist. No one ever took a giant piece of chalk and drew them onto the face of the earth. The Obamas and open borders proponents of the world believe that if a person wants to live here there or wherever that it should be up to the individual not nations to make those calls. They believe that since no one owns the earth immigration is a right and that migration should be unfettered, unchecked and mostly if not completely unregulated. Anyone should be able to migrate any place any time they choose without check, restraint or even monitoring.

The open borders society is very real. They have their own foundations, lobby, websites and blogs, hold conventions and symposiums just like most special interest groups do. [] Their founding philosophy is that there are no lines, if you want to walk out of Mexico and into the United States to live who is the U.S. government to stop you? Or any other two bordered nations. Or any other nations whether they be bordered or not. This is the essence of open borders, “the world is not ours, we don’t own it, who are we to dictate who may go where or when?”

It’s a big idea to be certain, but there’s one more twist to discuss. See, many if not most of the people who want to come live in the United States cannot afford it. Most are destitute and reside in the nations of Central or South America. They would love to be in the USA and enjoy the standard of living here. Being impoverished in Guatemala and being impoverished in America are two completely different things. People living “in poverty” in America have refrigerators (with food in them), air conditioning, automobiles, access to world-class medical care, cell phones, etc.  The question is, “How do we get there and who’s going to pay our way once we do?” Well, Mr. or Mrs. Impoverished in Guatemala, meet your hero and savior – Barack Obama.

Do you know what a “Family Reunification center” is? If not, you should. You’re paying for them. Family Reunification Centers are a part of President Obama’s vision for a fundamentally changed America and a part of the plan to push America into being a participant in an “open borders” planet, whether we the American people want it or not.

Remember those buses (paid for by you) which were all over the news a year ago? Department of Homeland Security coaches with the windows whited out so that we (the people who own them) could not see who was inside? Those buses were being used to shuttle tens and tens of thousands of children and young people to Family Reunification Centers in locations around our country. Exactly how many Reunification Centers there are, the locations of the FRC’s, how many children were being moved to them and what it all cost is information the DHS did not and has not made public. It’s all just buried someplace in the Department’s annual budget. (When you have a government with a $1.1 trillion 9-month budget it’s relatively easy to bury things.)

But make no mistake, this was a very intentional, extremely methodical progression. It’s happening in pre-programmed, incremental steps.

In his first term President Obama tried but could not get the D.R.E.A.M. Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) through Congress. Even though he had super-majorities in both the House and Senate when he tried to push the tab for paying the immigration bill for a million people onto the American people we went ballistic. Americans melted down our elected officials phone lines and broke their email inboxes with a resounding message of, “Heck no! You’ve gone too far, buster.  Absolutely not! We are NOT paying for this. Period!”  Capitol Hill Democrats ran for cover and there simply wasn’t sufficient congressional support to get the bill passed.

However we’ve seen multiple occasions what happens when there’s something Obama wants but the American people do not. As has come to be the norm, this President simply finds a way to impose his will upon the people by by-passing our Congressional representatives. In July of 2012 he resorted to his pen and got the “Dream Act” thru by signing an Executive Order claiming that it will “strengthen our economy and security.” With the stroke of a pen he granted amnesty to an estimated 800,000 to 1 million ‘young people’ or “Dreamers.”

Conservatives everywhere screamed, “Instead of ‘anchor babies’ this will create ‘anchor young people’! People will send children (who qualify for the Executive Order) then once the children are in the rest of the families will follow. This is a recipe for a border meltdown!” The administration denied such even existed in the world of possibilities. This is just for young people who are already here “through no fault of their own”, no such immigration magnet exists, conservatives are just a bunch of alarmists who hate brown people.

Well, we all remember the images. Children by the tens of thousands begin pouring across the southern border into our nation. The pictures are now infamous of rooms full of undocumented, under-aged children seemingly sent here by the world’s most irresponsible parents. They came by foot, by train, by truckloads. The images are no longer vogue and thus no longer make the evening news – but they’re still coming. Our southern border is under siege as you read this.

Those children were then herded onto buses and distributed to undisclosed locations around the nation. To taxpayer funded “Family Reunification Centers”.

Then the coup de gras. The second Executive Order. On November 20, 2014 President Obama gave every American household his personal Christmas gift (check that, he’d call it a “holiday” gift) when he announced his intention to grant citizenship-via-amnesty, regardless of age. The families of these young people/children/”Dreamers” now can be a part of the second much broader Executive Order, join the children they’d sent ahead in a Family Reunification Center, await citizen status for all them and *viola*, welcome new American citizens. No green card, no naturalization and immigration process, no learning about our founding, language, culture or customs, no classes or study about our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, system of self-governance nor none of what it formerly took to become a citizen. You just are one now.

If all of the above weren’t enough, once in they qualify for free schooling, free food, free phones, healthcare, driver’s licenses and last week we learned the IRS will award up to three years of past federal income tax “refunds” to these people even though they’ve never paid any income tax in the first place. And all of this, from the buses to transport them around the nation to the smart phones they’re using to surf the internet, is being paid for by you and me.

Welcome to the fundamentally transformed America. Welcome to hope and change. Welcome to a bold new world without borders.

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One thought on “Open Borders America

  1. pen44 says:

    Great article, Derrick, thank you!!

    Obama is the tragic result of an electorate that couldn’t/wouldn’t/won’t think things through to the obvious consequences of their actions. They have become so brainwashed. To have this great country go down so fast by this lying masquerades….the race card has been played so well, his Communist ideology hidden so well….talk about a menace. I cannot find the words or describe what this latest hat trick, the Pacific trade bovine scat, will do to America and our workers. He’s more concerned about raising Vietnam’s wages than us losing wages from lack of jobs. Derrick, it’s not just him…..we have schools from elementary to college/university that have been inundated with Socialists and Communists, that have poisoned our children for decade, liberal minded parents went along with it. We have become a nation of non-thinking urbanites & suburbanites. Our cities are packed with SocioCommunists, while small towns and rural areas are way more conservative. The rural areas are better armed, though.

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