5 requirements for America’s survival

It’s 2017 in America. Instead of peaceful protests when there is disagreement, we riot. When we dislike a person, a party or a president, violent demonstrations ensue. We reject our laws. Police officers are murdered in cold blood. And now, there are near assassinations of our government representatives.

Have we forgotten what the idea of America is all about?!

Four-hundred years ago, people came to this continent fleeing monarchies, persecution and oppressive governments. Untold misery and loss, with small gains, are the backbone of the founding of this great country.

The very uniqueness of the American way of life lies in the toil, sweat and tears it took to establish a fellowship of citizens who could live together in harmony, respecting the rights of the individual and the value of the group, and give birth to a freedom that would eventually surpass anything the world has ever seen.

Our Founding Fathers understood the weaknesses inherent in the nature of man. They knew the history of the rise and fall of former great nations. They were willing to pay the price to safeguard all that had been accomplished, by all who had gone before, by fighting for a system of governance that would be founded upon key concepts: 1) a self-governed citizenry; 2) limited government; 3) sovereignty of the people; 4) adherence to agreed-upon law; 5) a national commitment to the basic principles required to live in a free society (too numerous to list here) … and all of this was to be respected and defended in the foundational documents of this radical new society.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, established the constitution and amended it with the Bill of Rights, all to ensure that this society of sovereign individuals, designed by God to be free and self-directed, would never again live under the heel of master or tyrant. They clearly understood that our rights do not come from a constitution or a government.

Rights come expressly from the Creator of the universe only. We then become the stewards of these rights.

While we have broken free from dictatorships and oppression, we have drifted away from an understanding of the origin, and foundation, of our very freedoms and the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” we claim.

As I was watching the news coverage recently of a series of demonstrations by college students (one primarily by blacks), another by a homosexual group and still another by a mixed group of political agitators, I was troubled to see how tragically unaware we have become of the reason for the lawlessness in our nation. We are willfully abandoning all of the aforementioned principles and concepts that once made America a light unto the world.

We cannot survive if: 1) we are not self-governed; 2) our government becomes bloated and oppressive; 3) we do not understand, and cherish, the awesome privilege and responsibility that comes with being a sovereign citizen; 4) any of us starts defying the rule of law and living as a law unto ourselves, casting off the contract we’ve made with our fellow citizens; and 5) willingly abandon belief in God and His best for us as sovereign beings made in His image.

This is not a game. This is our survival – our nation’s survival. We have come so far and have been so blessed by our Creator with abundance and approbation. We must once again commit to those founding principles that made America the great nation it has become.

We must turn back. We must turn back to God. We must turn back to each other. We must turn back to our country. Otherwise, we will, indeed, live under the heel of a master and tyrant of our own making.

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