A Dangerous Tutorial

“We in the African American community have cried wolf so often, that we have inadvertently made our own neighborhoods more unsafe. If the police hesitate to act against the violence and incivility in many inner-city communities, who can really blame them.”

I penned those words over two decades ago in Commonweal Magazine. Back then, as it is today, the supposed systemic discord between law enforcement and the black community was laid at the feet of racism and calculated targeting of black men by the police.  Although, as I pointed out in the 1990s, the real day-to-day threats, that persist in far too many inner-city communities, doesn’t come from the police, from kinetic criminal activity mostly generated by young and sometimes no so young black males. However, as we fast forward to today’s body politic surrounding blacks and the dubious rise of police brutality being successfully imprinted by Democratic politicians, the BLM Global Foundation, Antifa, and many guilt-ridden corporate donors, it is little more, than selective moral outrage. In the case of the corporate donors of BLM Global Foundation, (e.g., Amazon, DoorDash, Cisco, Airbnb, Microsoft, just to name a few), they behave like the supplicants in Pre-Reformation Christendom, paying indulgences to the race-industry-gods in order to cleanse the endemic racism that lurks in their souls. It is what the late German Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer identified as grace-on-the-cheap. It’s little more than virtue signaling. 

At the same time, nothing is really done to address the real culprit of the societal anomie, that afflicts the black underclass.[i] That would take far too much introspection, when it is far easier to blame or find fault, with the other. In this case, it is always rampant and out of control epidemic of police brutality, buttressed by tiresome neo-Marxist bromides of systemic or institutional “whatever”.  It is just plain easier, if not completely intellectually lazy, to worship at, and participate in, endless secular benedictions to the dogma of structural and/or institutional racism. Liberal Progressives, both Democrat, and Republicans, along with BLM, Antifa, the mainstream media, Hollywood celebs, and misguided professional athletes have all drunk deeply from the well of tribalism and balkanization, masquerading as social justice and cultural diversity. Sadly, this perilous choreography pitting law enforcement against blacks will continue. Quite frankly, it works.  

The police are deliberately placed in Heads-You-Lose, Tails-You -Lose situations. You can literally have millions of constructive interactions between the police, and the communities they served.  But let one shooting of a black person go awry, (such as Michael Brown or Jacob Blake), and we will be greeted with the media-driven hysterical myth of police brutality.[ii]

The Tutorial

Here is what you won’t hear from all the experts in leftist’s academia, the media, and the social justice warriors like the BLM cabal and our Professional Athlete class.[iii] Too many young black people are being taught to disrespect, adopt a bellicose posture, not listen too, and in many cases totally ignore requests from law enforcement officials.  An entire segment of the black underclass has been tutored not to afford basic comportment of respect for law enforcement when these officials go about performing their everyday jobs.  Speaking with police officers over the last two decades, even the simplest requests and questions made by police officers in the administration of their street duties, are often met with defiance, or an attitude, that they (that is young black men) are somehow above the law.  Subsequently, that makes law enforcement and neighborhood civility almost impossible in many inner-city communities. 

The so-called profiling and open killing of black men have more to do with a host of life decisions, lack of proper mentoring, the devolution of family structure within the black underclass, as well as the fracturing of basic civic behavior, that has been lost or not even taught in Post-Civil Rights America. Sadly, civic behavior in the urban catechism of many within the black community is oftentimes viewed as “acting white.” 

To reiterate, too many blacks are engaged in illegal activities (like Jacob Blake), which often brings them into contact with the police where the potential of something going sideways has been ginned-up by the culturally left’s the blatantly false narrative of police brutality. This toxic way of thinking and behavior toward law enforcement has been injected into a large segment of the black community. Subsequently, many blacks exhibit a response to the police, that borders on Pavlovian. 

More to the point, the breakdown of the rule of law which most of us socialized in basic civic behavior is and has always been, a “reciprocal relationship.[iv] This has been summarily undercut by the defiant comportment on the part of many young men, black elites like Lebron James or Barrack Obama, ESPN sports analysts, BLM, as well as Democratic Party and their MSM. They pay little for encouraging the false storyline, that the police bear the primary responsibility in restoring respect for the law in an increasingly dysfunctional social fabric, that percolates within the black underclass. 

 As alluded to earlier, from a micro-relational standpoint, many street-level officers, who are charged with maintaining civil society, are reporting being met with recalcitrant behavior for even the slightest questioning of individuals in neighborhoods, that Obama and Liberal Progressives, both black or white wouldn’t be caught dead in.  Mouthing off, walking or running away, when told to stop, and other pejorative behaviors, that now proceed many stops by police of blacks is dangerously being “you-tubed-up” by the Democratic media for the sole purpose of leveraging the political currency surrounding such events. 

Groups like the BLM Global Foundation and NBA players are simply making things worse for the very people they claim to care about.  

Let me be even curter.  In Post-Civil Right America, it is an unfortunate reality, that the people who have made the least progress toward racial and social justice have oftentimes been black people. Why is this? Quite simply, they haven’t had too. 

 If a substantial portion of black Americans have been influenced by the peer-reviewed alchemy of Black/African American Studies academicians that “black can’t be racists”, institutional or otherwise.  This and other critical race theory quackery has been the main progenitor of the racial stasis that inflicts that thinking of poor working-class and educated blacks alike.

Barrack and Michelle Obama were both students of, and are continuing to be very effective political evangelists: making sure that America is forever painted as somehow incurably racist. 

 During the broadcast of the “Drumline of Perpetual Racism, Misogyny and Political Projection”,otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention, we witness a political party, who seems bound and determined to accentuate the negatives of America.  After all, to paraphrase the words of our first Black President, the police acted stupidly. Also, gaging from the tone of Michelle Obama’s magnificently delivered, but politically morose convention speech, it makes one wonder if she is still proud of our country……..for the first time.[v]  

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[v] See.,  Isms and Ingrates: The Cultural-Political Taxonomy 

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  1. Steven Johnston says:

    Thank you Patrick, your articles are always so eloquent and succinct. In 2008 I was conversing with a black pastor friend of mine,when the subject of then candidate Obama came up. I asked him his opinion,and he replied that he would not be voting for him as he felt that his claims to the Christian faith were suspect. However he had not related this to his congregation as so many were excited at the prospect of the first black President. If all Christians had voted their faith, perhaps we could have avoided the persecution that is now coming our way

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