A Few Good Keystrokes

In the book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, the author, William L. Shirer, chronicles many of the abuses and dystopic behaviors of Adolf Hitler, his Democratic Socialist Party and their dream of a 1000 year-Reich.  Images from the 1930s of Nazi Party members burning books, that didn’t agree with their goal of crafting a Prelapsarian society, were implemented far too often.  So reckless was this behavior, that besides putting to the torch Jewish and a host of Western authors, they deemed irredeemable.  The writings of fellow travelers such as Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin, and others[i] were equally tossed into the flames. 

In the Post Mosaic culture[ii], which many of us have been incubated over the past three decades, one no longer needs to burn books, nor engage in outright censorship of authors, politic philosophies you disagree with. Facebook and other social media sites, only need to enter a few keystrokes, to make some ideas less robust or problematic to locate on such platforms as Google, Yahoo, Bing, et al.  As a result, modern-day book burners only need to input into a computer network propriety computation, that come under ubiquitous “algorithms”. They are a systematic set of rules or meticulous calculations, keystroked into a computer, that can perform some very subtle but powerful negation of ideas and people, the curators of various social media and Internet browser deem anathema. 

 Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Larry Page along with many curators of the most popular social media platforms are by all measures extremely brilliant individuals. In many cases, their achievements in creating Facebook, Twitter, and Google (who owns YouTube) borders on genius.  But given this brilliance, their socio-political anthropology is strikingly left of center. Although many of them view themselves as moderates or critical thinkers. Their intellectual tolerance or political catechism does not extend beyond the left, more left, and most left political bubble, they all reside in. 

 They are the college and university graduates of the 1980s, 90s, as well as the millions of students, spit out from our left-of-center educational institutions since 2000.  They are the “college speech codes generation”, that has morphed into the safe-spaces cohort, who are offended by, and must be protected from God knows what.  They see themselves as very open-minded and tolerant, just as long as you don’t offend them with one of your climate-denying, anti-science, perceivably racist, sexist, anti-immigrant opinions. In many cases, they are the unwitting cultural-political acolytes of Norm Chomsky and Howard Zinn and the other high-priest of postmodern/deconstructionist pedagogies. 

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are being told you are “non-scientific if you disagree with the “accepted administrative” approach to confronting the virus.  It reminds me of many within the environmental movement. They will label you with the scarlet letter of climate denier for not accepting all the secular canon surrounding climate change. Scientists, well-read Americans, and other people questioning the wildly wrong pandemic models about COVID-19, are being censored by Facebook, pulled-off of YouTube and other platforms. 

Recently, suggestions put forth by a group of medical professionals on how best to confront COVID-19 were taken-down from Facebook, because the raw-data gathered by these scientists were advocating a more herd-approach. These health officials did not make any claims, that their findings were peer-reviewed. However, it is relevant to point out that over the past four decades with the ascendency of the Progressive-left poisoning the peer process, don’t be so impressed with individuals or media outlets invoking the phrase peer-reviewed.  It is being employed to shutdown vigorous and needed debate.[iii]

Facebook and other online platforms decided to censor the information.  These health professionals were being accused of a thought-crime. Zuckerberg and Facebook simply went Orwellian in their response. Of course, it was all done to protect the American public, (whom the left often sees as collections of dullards). The medical case observations of these Doctors deserved more than a strident silencing, by the intellectual betters at Facebook.  But there you go.

Of course, the pandemic models (which scared the hell out of many) predicting over 2 million American deaths, tens of millions worldwide from the COVID, were generated from peer-reviewed literature out of the UK.  

Political……. science?

When you mix medicine or science with politics, what you’ll get is politics.  Something is very wrong in our approach to confront COVID-19. We’ve been told that the Coronavirus is unique in its voracity. Its spread, especially in our elderly population and others with various co-morbidities, should certainly take precedent.  Shelter in place, social distancing has led to the self-inflicted crashing of the economy. It has been vigorously proselytized by the preferred scientific community and politicians to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

My spouse and I are both in our 70s. We are part of the most venerable cohort when it comes to mortality numbers.  Maybe I should be frightened, or seek the so-called secured methodologies, that are currently being mandated by the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and many within the political class. 

However, the numbers of COVID-19 deaths gleefully presented each day by members of the MSM, are to a growing constituency in the “omitted health-science community”, a FROM-With-and-None” statistical mishmash. Subsequently, all of us should be very suspicious of these numbers which even Doctor Birx and Doctor Fauci admitted aren’t totally accurate. However, they have had the desired effect in having the American people and much of Western society causally handing over their constitutional and/or parliamentary freedom for a questionable, if not Impossible, “risk-free” health dispensation from the virus. 

As a sidebar, the only thing truly unique about this virus is our response. We decided to quarantine everyone, instead of focusing restrictive measures on elderly cohorts like myself and individuals with compromised immune systems or a menagerie of other underlying predispositions.

But here is a key point to keep in mind. Some medical experts have us jumping through hoops to fight the virus. There was never any compelling evidence that eviscerating and neutering the economy was more prudent or effective, than simply isolating those most at risk. 

 It gets back to President Trump’s original advice, and common sense, that you can’t make the cure worse than the virus.  But unfortunately, we as a nation and Western culture have done just that in the name of dubious health security.  Sure, there are risks during this current pandemic. But the bigger risk is currently being played out by government officials on the federal, state, and local levels manipulating our lives, all under the guise of “we just want to protect you.”  Administrative-State types either by omission or commission have quickly, (and tragically with our consent) used science to further garner political power.  It is interesting to note that the states, that have imposed the most restrictive measures during this “crisis” have been those led and nurtured by Democrats.  While Republican-led states and localities have taken a more cautious approach in balancing civil freedoms with health security.  Of course, look, for the CNN-NPR-BBC-MSM news cloister to continue to ramp-up and Henny-Penny us into silence.  Over the next few months, they will continue to fold in real COVID mortalities with the 2.8 million Americans who die each year.

You just have to keep in mind that nothing is more important to them than getting rid of Donald J. Trump, even if it means turning us into a second-world nation.  Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff have no problem of using the Coronavirus as a surrogate for their failed attempts at impeaching the President.  It is their new “Russian-Flu.” 

[i] Despite the cultural left’s very successful attempt since WWII in transforming Hitler’s Nazi Party into “Right-Wing Fascists” who bear a striking resemblance to Republicans; The Nazis were in fact just a fully metastasized form of Socialism or controlled collectivist society. 

[ii] MOSAIC was one of the first Internet browsers back in early 1990s.

[iii] Because of the hiring and promotion process at many of our prestigious universities and research institutions, this has infected the objectivity, which was the gold-standard of peer-reviewed literature. Unfortunately, the “peers” in some cases have become rotten, since there exists a growing and, in many cases, ossified group-think, that makes some areas and ideas within peer-reviewed literature less blind. In the so-called blind peer-reviewed process, there is a built-in bias or preference for some research.  The most striking example of this in the systemic, left-of-center, culturally Progressive Environmental Science literature, which is often (3 parts hard science and 3 parts Progressive-Left Politics).

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