A Loud Silence

According to government crime statistics, if you are a police officer, you are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black person, than the other way around. Also, blacks being only 13% of the population commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate of other Americans. Black crime is even more prevalent in our largest cities.  For example, in Chicago, IL, blacks committed 76 percent of all homicides, despite composing 35 percent of the city’s population. Blacks also accounted for 78 percent of all juvenile arrests. In the city of New York, even before the current chaos, we witnessed following the death of George Floyd, blacks committed 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crimes, despite only composing 23 percent of the population. Here is another statistic hiding in plain sight, that doesn’t fit the narrative being evangelized by MSM, Democratic Party and the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. Black commit 52% of all homicides despite being only 13% of the population. We can also add this data point in the loud silence of race industry entrepreneurs. In 2015 nearly 6000 blacks were murdered by other blacks. Of course, we are told by the liberal intelligentsia, that firmly controls the Universities, the CNN-NPR-BBC, national and international media cloisters, and misguided professional athletes like Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick, that poverty, systemic racism (a Leninist concept) and law enforcement are the greatest existential threat to black America.  The truth is politicians, professional athletes, and Hollywood types have made it harder for the police to do their jobs.  Notwithstanding statistical outliers such as the George Floyd murder, the police have always done the most, to protect all lives. 


  • Natalie Wallace, age 7
  •  Mekhi James, age 3
  • Sincere Gaston, age 1 
  • Lena Nunez, age 10
  • Bernell Trammel, age 59, a black man and Trump supporter

These are individuals, murdered by black criminals. Their deaths will not become a part of any movement for racial or social justice. CNN-NPR-BBC will not cover their murder, as conspicuously as the George Floyd incident. To the mainstream media, Trammel and others were just a bunch of black folks being killed by other blacks.  What’s the big deal? 

They like the hundreds of other slain “Persons of Color[i]” will only add up to an obituary notice or a small article in a local newspaper.  There is little political currency to be exploited in their murders. There will be little hagiography attached to their deaths and the hundreds of other victims of black-on-black crime.  The selective moral outrage and deafening silence by BLM, professional athletes, the Hollywood cabal, Democrats and even our First Black President, is par for the course.

In Barrack Obama’s case, he recently took the occasion during the funeral service of Civil Rights icon John Lewis, to berate law enforcement and President Trump. Obama’s comments were more than sad, if not predictable. He did not use this time to champion justice nor the spirit of reconciliation. Instead, Obama, mimicking his advisor on race matters, the Rev. Al Sharpton, regurgitated the tired old bromides of collective guilt and collective retribution, the socio-political stepchildren of systemic racism. 

Our country is not systemically, nor institutionally racist! This insufferable and dangerous piece of peer-reviewed nihilism must be rejected if we truly seek to bring a halt to the recurring nightmare of murder, crime, and incivility that plagues members of the underclass.[ii]

[i] See., Musings of a Colored Person

[ii] See., The Narrative’s the Thing

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