A Soft Decadence

It must have occurred sometime during the past fifty years. Americans, as well as too many Western countries, have become dangerously soft. We have succumbed to the many benign comforts that control how we live, act, and think.  Americans are not even a reasonable facsimile of the generation of people who helped defeat the various manifestations of “real evil” in the 20th Century.[i] We love and have fallen victims to numerous creature comforts, as well as the instant connectivity afforded to us by the Facebooks, Googles, YouTubes, and Twitters. Many of us are literally addicted to the omnipresent electronic pacifier, the I-phone.   If not completely oblivious, we have become comatose to what real dangers, risks, and existential threats that still govern our world. 

 Until the emergence of the Wuhan Chinese Virus (aka, Covid-19), our imaginary, risk free-world, was the norm. Tragically, if not predictable, we have inadvertently sought and snuggled-up to a false sense of security that was, and still is impossible.  Despite the political class’s efforts and a menagerie of government health experts, we have only managed to give away our rights while dutifully genuflecting to the false gods of security, safety, and non-risks. As it stands as of today, we have made this deal with the devil and have received neither complete safety while at the same time sacrificing constitutional rights. Unlike past generations of Americans, who intrinsically understood, that there is a reasonable uncertainty in everything we pursue, we, that is to a large extent, the baby-boomer generation, in the freest society on earth, are choosing to cast it adrift. Are we the generation of Americans whom President Ronald Reagan warned against? He opined that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

A certain political party and their MSM, tech Oligarchs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, as well as the usual collection of hate-America advocates like the Chinese Communist Party and George Soros, just love it. 

Oh, wait a minute! I meant they show a heartfelt concern for all Americans.  Right, sure.

The Wuhan virus, although a great danger to a certain segment within our elderly population (in which I am one), is not the Black Plague, which wiped out half of Europe during the Middle ages. It is not the 1918-1920 Spanish flu, which killed millions worldwide, including over 800,000 Americans.  Nor is the Wuhan the out of control killer that some within the sanctioned government health community would have us cringe, castrate the socio-economic vitality of the country, or otherwise just have us hide away in our basements.

 Today, the highly cooked numbers show that over 200,000 Americans have died (with and from) the Wuhan virus.  According to several health experts, at least 30-40% of the recorded Covid deaths aren’t from the disease at all. In the United States, 2.8 million Americans die each year, and unfortunately, many of these same deaths have been muddled in with the virus’ death statistics, we see reported by the MSM. Also, the MSM and too many within our political class seem to deliberately blur the difference between “cases” of the Covid, as opposed to deaths from the virus.    

We have “voluntarily’ destroyed thousands of businesses, thrown millions of people out of their so-called “non-essential jobs, and delayed vital treatment for Americans suffering from cancer, heart, and other diseases. We have stupidly truncated the lives of our students, the very population who have the least to fear from the virus. Too many within the political class, especially those who “rule” blue states, such as California, New York, and Washington, have chosen the lockdown strategy to confront the Wuhan virus. But lockdowns are just a strategy of our culture’s elites, who can afford such passive containment/delay strategies.  It is the poor and working-class, who bear the heaviest burden of these lockdowns. They work in the restaurants and bars, the hospitality and fitness industry, or small businesses, who just can’t sit out the Wuhan. 

On the other hand, those most in favor of continuous lockdowns have jobs and vocational pursuits that are more malleable and least affected by these continual lockdowns.  

 All this stands as a dubious testament to the extent of how soft and risk-averse society and Western cultures have become.  As pointed out even by our own CDC, the survival rate from Wuhan-Virus gives credence to the Henny Penny response of many to give away and destroy our culture and economy.  As of October 15, 2020, the death rate from the China virus stands at 660 per million for Americans. Ironically, Sweden, who didn’t lockdown at all, has a mortality rate of 580 deaths per million.   

Here are some other quick stats about Wuhan/Covid-19. These are specifically Wuhan Survival Rates according to age groups. Also, it should be noted that the media’s fear merchants do very little in making these stats widely available.[ii]  Although virologists and epidemiologists from Oxford, Cambridge, Sanford, Yale, Harvard, and a host of EU Health experts have pointed out the following data as far back as late April. 

In addition, over 20,000 scientists both here and in the EU have signed an anti-lockdown document known as the Barrington Declaration, which recognizes the irreparable damage to our population if these lockdowns continue.  Unfortunately, the MSM, Democrat Party, along with mega social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, and search engines like Google, are doing their best to make this information less robust in their information stream. 

If you are in the cohort between 0-19 years, your survival rate is 99.997%.  Between 20-49, the survival rate is still 99.89%. Once more, these age groups contain the very people (students) who are the least likely to die from the virus, much less suffer any severe complications.  Are there statistical outliers within these age demographics?  You bet your butt there are!  The problem is that the fear pornographers want us to huddle-way and marinate in fear of the Wuhan when it’s simply not necessary. Even in the age groupings of 50-69 and my own 70s plus cohort, the survival rate still hovers at 94%.  Within the remaining 6% are individuals with numerous secondary, tertiary health conditions. These are the people/age groups with comorbidities that we should rightfully protect and focus on (resources, time, and monies). 

Which brings us to other observations made by a host of the (silenced) health scientists. For nearly six months, they have stated that a unique thing has little or nothing to do with the virus itself.  What is so peculiar about Western mitigation efforts is this. First-time societies have quarantined the healthy and truncated the functional society, along with those who are most at risk.  This benign or innocuous decadence is that only a generation of risk-averse, the-sky-is-falling-populace, that Americans and Westerners have slowly morphed into. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to behave like sheep. We either graze or are easily stampeded.     

Regrettably, there is one thing that many Americans have taken solace in. It is a talking point that both the Democrat Party and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are all in agreement. The Wuhan-Chinese Virus (aka., Covid-19) and its spread is Donald J. Trump’s fault. 


Once more, a soft decadence is our Achilles Heel.  Several years back, my son-in-law, a native-born German citizen, was vacationing here in America along with my daughter and the grandchildren.  I believe we were wandering around a local Home Depot, and he called me over and pointed out something he found mildly amusing. It was a legal waiver that most Americans, as a part of our soft decadence, show very little awareness. It was a stack of five-gallon buckets, which had a stern warning pointing out the dangers these buckets pose to children. It was accompanied by an illustration of a child falling into a bucket. He thought this was somewhat over-the-top, and probably this might have happened to a toddler at one point. But, was it something that deserved such conspicuous labeling? But this is just a small example of the mindset of a risk-averse culture that has made us prey to the political class’s accesses to keep us afraid and “obedient” to many of the absurdities, the many tips of the fear, successfully propagated by the Wuhan fear industry.  

By the way, don’t hit anyone with a ten-pound sledge-hammer. According to a warning label I read, it may cause serious harm.   Jeez, Louise!

[i] See.,  All Enemies Fabricated and Imagine

[ii] See.,  Sins of Omissions

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  1. Bill says:

    Patrick, your articles are filled with large amounts of wisdom and keen insights, however, I wish you would use the pronoun; WE; much less liberally.

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