All Enemies Fabricated and Imagined


Many years ago, I attended the induction of my oldest child into the Armed Forces at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Like all the young men and women who decide to serve this nation, he and the other volunteers were required to say the familiar Oath of Allegiance.  Various versions of this oath are administered to many of public officials including the President, Secretary of State, et al.

However, when members of the military repeat this oath, their primary job may call upon them to someday stand in harm’s way, and if necessary, give their lives, so all of us can go about our day as a free although sometimes unappreciative people. “To support and defend……against all enemies, foreign and domestic” is at the heart of the oath.

In a recent speech in Paris, former President Obama, touted out his usual unencumbered by reality belief, that the greatest threat to the world wasn’t the ongoing “war” of radical Islam against Western civilization. Nor was it the rogue nation of North Korea threating to lob a few ICBMs our way.  Not even China’s frenetic build-up of its military capabilities since the 1990s never seemed to bother the former president. No, none of these dangers or evils received any type of serious redress.

According to the former closet Neo-Socialist and Commander in Chief, climate change was the most insidious danger facing civilization.  Now this is not to say the climate change which once came under the rubrics of Global Cooling and then Global Warming, isn’t a prudential concern to Western cultures. Also, much has been done to address issues germane to the environment.  But the repeated bromides and other odious pronouncements about climate change are hardly the greatest evil we face.

The tendency of the left, and not necessarily all liberals “not” to confront real evil is, unfortunately, a stable of their socio-political hermeneutics. They are the very principles that underscore and govern all sorts of misdirected energy away from real international and domestic evil. The apoplectic reaction of many Democrats and left of center devotees when President Ronald Reagan called the former Soviet Union an evil empire, was a glaring example of the left’s propensity to shy away from authentic danger.

This habit on the part of many liberals and Progressives not to confront real evil is nothing new.  The overpopulation scares of the late 1960s, as framed by such books like the Population Bomb, cited such dubious facts that by late 1970, the world would be unable to sustain itself, and mass starvation and societal breakdown would ensue.  Coupled with a “Water World” prediction of the total melting of the glacial and Polar region by early eighties, these were two of the most ominous evils facing mankind.

Another example of the cultural left’s proclivity to not address real evil was the unbearable habit of equating Communist Dictators with our own. According to the left and many Democrats, President Ronald Reagan, that unhinged cowboy with his finger on the nuclear button, was more of a danger to the world than Brezhnev, Andropov, as well as the darling of the political left, the Most Blessed Mikhail Gorbachev.  Reagan along with his suicidal girl Margaret Thatcher was constantly portraited in the liberal media and popular leftist culture as the true progenitors of evil.[i]  President Trump’s recent push-back to Kim Jong-Un regarding the nuclear superiority of the United States also sent many in the MSM and Liberal Democrats into their typical equivocations of a US President with a rogue and unaccountable communist dictator.

In a speech given by the late Friedrich Hayek during the Cold War, he warned of the inclination of Western cultures not to tackle real belligerency when it manifests itself. Instead, the default response by the left and liberal progressives was to engage in their predictable forensic analysis of how Western societies bear culpability for the people or governments that want to kill us.

For our brethren on the left, “real evil is far too difficult to confront”.  Therefore, fabricated and imagined specters are much easier to pinhole and rail against.  The left does not have to join the real world where most of the time our choices in domestic and international discord are limited to bad and much worse.  Subsequently, not confronting real existential threats are also a gateway for the left to choose soft targets or politically low hanging fruit in their quest for social justice and world peace.

Domestically this has been demonstrated in the hysteria over police brutality or killing of black men. Statistics show, (or scream if you will), that the greatest danger or “evil” facing black men are other black men.  In city after city, black criminality is the clear and present danger to the civility in many urban communities.[ii]  This is a tragic fact. Despite making up only 13% of the United States population, blacks commit half of all homicides.

Yes, there are “some” rogue police, who give a bad name to the thousands of law enforcement officials who simply want to protect and serve. But then again, a well-placed YouTube video of police malfeasance looped endlessly by the progressive liberal media, distracts society, and blacks in particular, from the real perils in their neighborhoods.

It is also a trait within leftist orthodoxy to view the U.S. Military as the greatest threat to world peace, as opposed to bad actors like Putin, North Korea, Iran or China. Which by the way, is still very much “Red”.  Its massive expansion of its military infrastructure, (both conventional and cyber) is not being done to benefit us.

In addition, many of my liberal friends tend to be more attuned to confronting Islamaphobia, instead of protecting themselves against murderous plans of Radical Islam.  This is reminiscent of the left and many liberals back in my early college days to be more vexed with “anticommunism” than Communism.  Today’s Democrats are very garrulous in their admonishments of Americans concerned with illegal immigration. They will quickly dismiss these concerns as being anti-Latino or fearing “The Browning of America!” In other words, it just another way that liberals get to call Americans racist when many of us just want some sanity as well as honesty applied to immigration policies.[iii]     As it stands now, Americans have been lied to about such immigration policies as DACA and chain migration which panegyrically paints all illegal immigrants as high school Valedictorians, who are coming off their third tour in Afghanistan.

Just out two weeks ago!  According to the Department of Justice, one in five individuals in our Federal prisons are foreign-born, and 94 % of them illegal.  That is an evil that we could live without since I believe we have our hands full with domestic criminals.

Donald Trump is Evil and a PoopHead

It’s simply name-calling. The type of behavior I engaged in as a child when I got mad at one of my eleven siblings and called them poopheads. Donald Trump is Hitler, or at the very least, the incarnation of Joseph Stalin.   Trump is also a racist, unabashed sexist, as well as a billionaire unrepentant climate denying Islamaphobe. And he probably raised his children to keep score at youth soccer games.

This is the ongoing picture that the MSM, many Democrats and the omnipresent left wants us to believe about the current President.  To be honest, Donald Trump is not and never will be the typical politician that we see in the United States or over in the EU.  He might say or do some unorthodox and “honest” things which have led to him being so maligned by left and Democrats.  However, Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ. And many of us who voted for him feel (or know if you will), that unlike Barrack Hussein Obama, Trump actually likes our Country.  However, with on-going Russian collusion heresy, which is little more than an indictment in search of a crime; the villainous portrayal of Trump as the greatest evil ever unleashed on the world will not cease.

The truth is.  Trump is just doing what he said he was going to do if elected.  That is secure the borders, build the economy, protect and defend the nation, and foster “opportunity” for all Americans.  Most Democrats, the MSM, leftist academics (an oxymoron), and many really smart Europeans will never get it.   Instead, many of those who vehemently oppose Trump will also continue their crusade against such existential evils as, Confederate Monuments and flags or the epidemic of Islamaphobia, or the ravishing of the environment by those deregulating evil Republicans. The left will also bravely fight the ubiquitous sexist and misogynous culture that is the United States.

Gee, I guess the many women in the Moslem and third world countries must love their situations. They are probably just misinformed somehow since many of them still wish to immigrate to our supposedly flawed and repressive culture.

[i] See., Reagon 16.0

[ii] See., Black Lives Matter: To the Police

[iii] See., Weapons Grade Immigration

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