Americans Empowered By God to Choose

As we celebrate – or mourn, depending on one’s perspective – the election of our new president, Donald J. Trump, I want to bring to our attention some transcendent truths enjoyed by all Americans, as we begin our drive to “make America great again.”

The Judeo-Christian respect for human sovereignty and “decisionability” has given us the wonderful freedoms and amazing prosperity enjoyed by all Americans. (Just a bit of research reveals that poverty in America is equal to middle class in two-thirds of the world.) Our freedoms have given to every person in this country, from the richest to the poorest, complete access to the American dream and facilitates the “pursuit of happiness.” The basis for this freedom is something called “human sovereignty.”

It is the misuse of this sovereignty that gives us crime epidemics, an AIDS epidemic, drug abuse, child abuse and an abortion clinic epidemic. The abuse of the sovereignty that includes “decisionability” bleeds our economy, bloats the welfare state, expands the police state, and feeds a hungry, but necessary, military-industrial complex.

If the American people would accept the responsibility of their sovereignty (and choose freely to submit their will to God’s will) many (perhaps most) of the problems we experience could be eliminated. This is also true worldwide.

Despite everything you have heard about famines in Africa, Asia and on the Indian subcontinent, the truth of the matter is that there is enough food to feed all the people in the world. If people go hungry, anywhere in the world, it is primarily because of wars and not natural disasters. Invariably, it is bad choices inflicted on a population by corrupt leadership that lead to disaster. A desperate hunger for power and elite domination leaves the common people hungry for rice and beans.

Take Iraq, for example. Had it not been for the greed and power-mad ambitions of Saddam Hussein, and his lust to conquer neighboring countries, Iraq could be one of the wealthiest nations in the world today. If all the money and man hours spent in wars against Iran and Kuwait, etc., by the U.S.-led Desert Storm coalition had been invested in improving the lives of the Iraqi people, that country could be a veritable Garden of Eden. (Some Bible scholars believe that the Garden of Eden was actually located there.)

Review dispassionately the status of two-thirds of the world and ask this question: Why do these nations not see the wisdom of voluntarily, volitionally “beating their swords into plowshares” as did the U.S.? Simple. The wise principles upon which America is founded (the Bible) were never embedded in the founding documents of countries such as Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc. The founders of these nations did not recognize the sovereignty of their people. The leaders declare themselves to be the sovereign masters of their own countries, and the people pay the price.

As President Trump assumes office, we need to be reminded that all U.S. presidents take the oath of allegiance with their hands on a very special book, the Bible.

The other secret of America’s greatness lies in the fact that the very first line of our Constitution says, in letters far larger than other words on the page, “We the People.” Perhaps President Trump, in his drive to “make America great again,” truly understands the exalted, thrilling, elevating concept that “We the (sovereign) People” of the United States, are a free people empowered by God, and our Founding Fathers, with the right to choose our own destinies.

Religious or not, “We the People” (“made in the image and likeness of God“) must grasp the enormity and power that is ours as sovereign individuals, living as members of a “society of sovereigns.” With that knowledge in the forefront, there is no telling how far and how high we can go. Together, we can truly “make America great again!”

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