Better Politics Through Pandemics – Part II

Oh boy!  Sometimes, one can get an Excedrin headache from the way Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and her mainstream media have politicized the Coronavirus. As stated in a previous column, nobody can play soulless politics quite like the Democrats.[i] The media from CNN to NPR, accompanied by their Pravda slick counterparts across the pond (the BBC in particular), all employ the same talking points to undermine, distort and otherwise disseminate misinformation about the Trump Administration’ handling the global pandemic.  The latest example of the endemic, lock-step, Henny Penney nature of their reporting is in the repeated attempt to spread the perception, that Trump did not take the virus seriously, because he expressed the politically unsafe “wish” to return to normalcy. Once more, the narrative evangelized by the media and especially the CNN and the NPR cabal were somehow Trump tacitly ignored the advice of his medical advisors. Nothing could have been further from the truth. But there you go!   Distorted perception, disinformation or outright lies by the liberal media industrial complex, can flash around the world, before the truth – about what Trump meant- gets its pants on.  The only thing Trump was guilty of was refusing to marinate in doom and gloom.

Different Issue, Same Narrative[ii]

The repeated secular doxology of the media of Trump being slow to react to COVID-19 would be laughable, if it weren’t for the fact, that this “big lie” was so damaging to the herculean efforts put forth by the administration to confront the pandemic.  Trump, unlike the majority of his Western counterparts, banned travel from China in late January, despite the howls from Democrats like Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, that his travel ban was xenophobic and racist. It is ironic that these same Democrats, who were screaming the mind-numbing xenophobic antiphon, said little or nothing about the dangers of the virus, which they are now conveniently on board with.  Of course, we all know, that during January and early February of 2020, the only thing that was virial in the Democratic political class was their obsession with impeaching the President.

In addition to pulling the race/xenophobe card, most recently the Democrats also unveiled another favorite in their toolbox, “the evil Big Corporation narrative”. We were told that Trump only cares about money and the stock options for such companies as Boeing or big-pharma. This supposedly was the apocryphal motivation for his guarded hopes to restart the economy as soon as possible.  The media deliberately distorted his aspirations from the balanced advocacy that Trump has for all of his advisors.  Concurrently, the CNN-NPR media cloister was also trying to float the myth, that Trump and his medical people were at odds. The discordance never existed, beyond the normal give and take dialectic in any colloquium.  But then again, as a former recovering CNN-NPR acolyte, now in my fourth decade of remission, I am no longer in awe nor impressed with Christiane Amanpour’, UK accent as somehow being a measure of accuracy and non-bias coverage. Being somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I used to think that, wow, anyone with English accent, most be a ”wizard-of-smart”, instead of the bias-postmodern-anti-western-anti-Israel cultural ideologue, that Amanpour and others have always been.  

However, because of the in your face progressive liberal bias of the media, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi can on any given week harangue the President about not acting quickly enough, while at the same time, she, deliberately held-up the Relief Bill to help the American people, with riders and add-ons that had little or nothing to do with confronting the pandemic. She and other Democrats intrinsically know that they can get away with this hypocrisy, because of the media’s tendency not to be as dogged in covering the despicable political shenanigans of Democrats, as they are with any Republican or Conservative.  It is not an understatement to point out that the strongest tool in the liberal media’s arsenal has always been an omission,[iii] when it comes to how they choose to cover a Republican President as opposed to a Democrat.   

To Boldly Go Where No Democrat Has Gone Before……

A quick observation, if you will.  In the coming year, especially if Trump is re-elected, look for the Democrats and their media to employ future pandemics, to continue to undermine the President and the nation. This is virgin political territory, that trumpets the Trotsky/Alinsky approach in exploiting societal tragedies for political gain. 

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