Better Politics Through Pandemics

My wife and I recently had a video-chat with our eldest daughter and twin grandchildren, who live in Germany. They, like the rest of us, are experiencing the same types of societal disruption because of COVID-19, commonly known as the Coronavirus. The German government’s response to the virus, like all of the EU, has been comparable to our own. In addition, the EU has taken steps to shut down its previously open borders. 

Interestingly enough, the German media and political class show very little propensity to play politics with the virus. There is little in the German press accusing Chancellor, Angela Merkel, of somehow being negligent in her response to the virus. In typical German fashion, they are systematically doing the things necessary, to confront or otherwise negotiate the societal changes needed to address COVID-19. 

This stands in stark contrast to how our political class and their MSM in trying to blame or otherwise find fault with the Trump administration for not doing enough, nor acting in a judicious manner, to protect the American people. Of course, this is all a big fabrication by the media. It is driven by the same, let’s-get-Trump-phobia we have been living with for the past three years via the Russia-Russia-Ukrainian-Impeachment-back-to Russian political choreography. This despite Donald Trump’s very quick travel ban of China in late January, and a host of other measures, taken by the Administration in the face of the Coronavirus.

In the past few days, Congress has managed to agree upon an aid bill to address the situation, setting aside House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to stuff the bill with legislation, that has little or nothing to do with addressing the particulars of the virus.  True to form, Pelosi Democrats attempted to sneak-in provisions, providing funding to their never-ending genuflections to the Abortion Gods. 

Sadly, the political prattle and accusatory tone, set by the Democrats and their MSM, shows they care more about hurting Trump than they do about anything else. Today, as I write this article, constituencies connected with former Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have set-up a multi-million-dollar war-room campaign, financed by various dark-money entities, whose sole purpose is, to hamstring and otherwise spread misinformation about the Administration’s efforts against COVID-19. Regrettably, too many within the Democrat political class, along with media, will continue to craft a Heads-I-Win, Tails-I-win situation. This is a clear and present sickness within the body-politics of our nation. 

They, that is Democratic Liberal-Progressives are so deranged in their hatred of Trump, that no matter what he does in regard to this temporary emergency, it will never be enough. So ossified is their thinking, that a few days ago a reporter raised the spectrum of racism because the President identified the source of the virus as coming from China. However, to his credit, Trump doesn’t suffer from the spineless Republican tendency of politically crumbling or caving, whenever Democrats and their media play the race-card. It is one of the many reasons, why many of us who voted him, will continue to support his efforts.  He calmly brushed-off this intellectually lazy, albeit tiresome accusation.  For Democrats, politics will always come first. 

Of course, none of this hysteria was orchestrated during the Swine flu or H1N1 outbreak during the Obama Administration. Obama did not declare a National Emergency until October of 2009, by which time over 1000 Americans had succumbed to H1N1, and more than 60 million of us had some type of infection. The final mortality numbers, due to H1N1 exceeded 12,000 Americans. The politics surrounding the H1N1 outbreak was, to say the least, played-down, by the same Media and politicians, which are screaming for Trump’s head.  Yes, we get it.  Democrats, their media, Progressive Leftist Educators (an oxymoron) don’t like Trump and will proceed to do anything to undermine him and thereby the country. It boils down to the simple fact, that they have never accepted the results of the 2016 Presidential election. 

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