Black Lives Matter: To the Police

Shots ring out in an inner-city neighborhood. Moments later, police cars go racing toward the violence that too often plagues the Chicago’s, Baltimore’s, and Philadelphia’s of our country.   The police respond to this violence, not out of acrimony or some latent animus.  But as law enforcement officials whose job it is to protect and serve all people from criminals, no matter the color.

The police are the first ones who run toward danger in inner city neighborhoods. They leave their families and friends each day, not to make a sport of shooting blacks. No, just the opposite!  Unlike Maxine Waters, Dwight Evans, John Lewis, and the Congressional Black Caucus, people who’ve done little too nothing to stop the epidemic of black-on-black crime in their districts. The police are the ones, who through their actions truly believe and put their lives on the line to save black folks.

The secular heresy of police brutality that is obligatory in the talking points of far too many black politicians, has inadvertently made many urban communities less safe for the very residents that the Black Political class claims to care about.[i]

Whether it be in Buffalo, New York in 1969 or in East St. Louis today, the greatest threat to the health and well-being blacks, are other black people. [ii] Despite well placed you-tube videos, looped ad infinitum on our national news.  There wouldn’t be enough you-tube footage to cover the violence, murder, robbery, and incivility that infests many inner cities.

A simple stat will suffice.  Since 1980 there have over 324,000 killings of blacks by other blacks.  Police shootings of blacks during this same time period (the vast majority of them justified) has been around 3,300.  If the black community and the political class which represents them were honest, racist cops are the least of their problems.   We have had more blacks killed by the criminal parasites in our midst, than soldiers who have died in all our military engagements over the same time period.

A Personal Sidebar

In my working-class neighborhood, many of us have firearms, not to protect us from the police, but from criminals who happen to be black. People have Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Rottweilers in their yards. Once again, not to protect us from rogue cops, but the criminal element, who are black.  Security alarms, gated doorways, as well as a very active neighborhood watch program are all ubiquitous features of our lives here.  They are present, because black criminals are the danger, and not the police.

Cops are not the murderous racist boogeymen as they are so often portrayed in the Progressive MSM.  The police are the ones saving the most black lives. Whether they are busy patrolling high crime housing projects, intervening to crackdown on illicit drug trade, or just trying to stop the out of control thievery (oftentimes misnamed a civil rights protest) during the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.  The Police are the ones who through their actions and sacrifices really live and uphold the popular catechesis that Black-Lives-Matter.

[i] See, Black and Blue.  Commonweal.  February 13, 1998.  p31.

[ii]  See, No Longer Elementary, Freedoms Journal Magazine.

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