Calling All Christians—to Vote

[Disclaimer: This is an endorsement of political candidates by Dr. Eric M. Wallace, individual citizen, not by Freedom’s Journal Institute a non-profit organization].

There comes a time in life where you need to either put up or shut up. The time comes after you’ve prayed a thousand prayers, shed a thousand tears, and hoped against hope for God to intervene in the corrupt politics of the State of Illinois. A state where the criminal political class has perfected “pay to play” and “crony” politics. A state where both political parties have lied to and cheated its constituents. It’s time for people of faith to recognize the opportunity to cast off our oppressors and elect a new breed of Illinois politicians.

This opportunity exists in at least two statewide offices—The Governor and the Attorney General. Some might say with much disdain, “Governor,” which candidate are you talking about? Both Rauner and J.B. are trying to buy the office of Governor. The current Governor has proven to be a liar and untrustworthy. Similarly, JB has shown his willingness to engage in criminal activity by offering to purchase a political office from former governor Rod Blagojevich. And, now (when that didn’t work) he wants to purchase it out from under the people of Illinois.

So, who am I talking about? I’m talking about State Senator Sam McCann who is running for Governor in the Conservative Party. That’s right. To save our great state, we’ll have to go outside the two major parties to bring sanity and righteousness back to the state of Illinois. To shatter the stranglehold of corruption, lies, and deception, we’ll have to break our habits of voting Republican or Democrat. I know many of us are addicted to the two-party system and vote like automatons in every election. But this time, if we are to escape the reality of doing the same thing we’ve always done, we’ll have to do something we’ve never done, or we’ll remain in the very same place we’ve always been. Changing Illinois means “we the people” need to change our voting habits. [See Wallace Rescinds Gubernatorial Endorsement]

We cannot reward Rauner for going back on his promise not to sign HB40—the law to use state-funded monies to pay for abortions. Nor can we ignore JB’s desire to purchase an office from Blagojevich, his friendship with Michael Madigan, or his apparent attempts to grease the palms of many officials, pastors, and others to gain their support. (The latter of these Governor Rauner is said to have also done.)

I have always said that if the Christian community (Black, White, and Hispanic) in Illinois could all get on the same page politically, we could change the future of Illinois in one election. Well here is our opportunity. Sam McCann is a believer, first and foremost. He is pro-life from conception to natural death. Sam cares about protecting the unborn as much as he cares about protecting the young people in urban communities from gang violence, and the elderly from abuse. He believes that government should help build strong families and not tear them apart or be redefined by state or federal legislation. He believes in religious liberty. It is not just a phrase; he is personally invested as a man of faith.

Supporting Sam McCann with your vote is the opportunity many of us have been praying for. Some say, “he can’t win.” I think they said the same thing to David before he slew Goliath. They said it to the Continental Army as they faced the British troops. They repeated these words to those who fought to abolish slavery. They said these words to Abraham Lincoln as he ran for president in the newly formed Republican party.

However, history and especially biblical history tells us that the underdog is the very instrument God uses to bring about righteous change. Paul mentions this in 1 Corinthians 26-27, “For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (ESV). Hence, from Moses to Esther and Lincoln to Dr. King, God has chosen those whom the world considered weak to lead a righteous campaign for justice. This election is our opportunity to stand for what we say we truly believe.

The same is true for the campaign of Attorney General for Illinois. State Senator Kwame Raoul represents the progressive status quo. The Chicago style politics we have gotten from Michael Madigan who controls the Democrat party in Illinois for decades will continue if Raoul is elected. The corruption will not cease if a Democrat is chosen as the head law enforcement agent of the state. We’ve seen minimal change in the status quo under Lisa Madigan; the same will be true under Raoul.

It’s time we get behind Erika Harold who claims Christ as her savior. She is pro-life and pro-natural family candidate[1]who Raoul has attempted to demonize through his campaign ads. For the believer, this is an asset, not a flaw. However, Erika is also for criminal justice reform and once served on the board of Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship. Unlike Raoul, she can even speak to the #MeToo movement with the respect and compassion needed to prosecute those who have transgressed the law and to ferret out false accusations when they occur.

Last but not least, Ms. Harold is no pawn of Michael Madigan. She will not simply turn a blind eye to the political corruption that Chicago, and the state of Illinois, is known for. She will not hesitate to address sexual harassment claims as Michael Madigan did, and Raoul will continue to do if elected.

Consequently, it’s time to cast a vote that glorifies God so that the righteous will rule. God has answered our prayers in the form of godly candidates running for political office—It’s time for us to support them. Click here for an Illinois voter’s guide

[1]Although recently Ms. Harold has been somewhat ambiguous regarding her position on these issues, she is still a better choice for Attorney General.

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