What do we want, justice! When do we want it, now! But first, let me rob and loot the local Target Store and other establishments. After all, nothing looks worse than a raggedy-ass rioter without the latest Lebron James footwear. Besides that, because of the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re unemployed and quite frankly, a little bored.”            

 We’ve all seen the tragic death of George Floyd by a law enforcement official that was completely unnecessary. This policeman and his fellow officers should face the full penalty of the law, when local and federal officials adjudicate the absolute perfidy of the officer Derek Chauvin, asphyxiating Mr. Floyd. Very simply, this was a bad, if not totally sociopathic cop. God willing, after all the evidence is collected, he and his fellow officers will be held culpable.  Once again, these were horribly trained, if not completely heartless individuals.  

However, Officer Chauvin, who suffocated Mr. Floyd along with the collection of homicidal Keystone Cops, should not be used as political surrogates to label the vast majority of law enforcement officials. There are over 850,000 men and women, who wear the badge. Each year they conduct millions of interactions with Black folks and all of our citizenry. They represent the reality of the thin-blue-line between us and societal chaos.  I first alluded to this in a February 13, 1998 article, published in Commonweal Magazine. I later expanded upon the same theme, three years ago in an FJM column entitled, Black-Lives-Matter: To the Police.[i]  

However, the predictable, if not monotonous, screams and condemnations from professional racism industry advocates like the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Southern Poverty Center, Al Sharpton’s, National Action Network, as well as the CNN-NPR-BBC-MSM news cloister, will do little to provide any coherent suggestions to prevent such events since they view everything through the prism of a Pre-1964 America. It is a viewpoint, that many Professional Blacks, (not to be confused with Black Professionals), cling to because it is easier to believe that there exists some apocryphal hunting season, being conducted by law enforcement against black men.  In their way of thinking, or lack, therefore, nothing has changed. 

Far too many blacks, encouraged, fed, and nurtured by the Black political classes, many in the Democrat-centric media and along with the majority of leftist academics, hold as canonical that America, and especially the police are all a bunch of Bull-Conner, “ let’s-kill-a-nigger-for-lunch types”.  Regrettably, even during the eight-years of the Obama Administration, the same underlying tome was present.

 Obama being a student and cultural-political catechumenate of the peer-reviewed heresy of Critical Race and Gender Theory, conspicuously taught during his college years, was prone to equivocate incidents where the police were involved in a killing of a black suspect.  The Michael Brown and Freddie Gray episodes were examples where the former President could have been more of a healer. Instead, he gave tacit approval and legitimacy to the myth of police brutality as an omnipresent feature of today’s law enforcement. 

However, in the case of Mr. Floyd, police malfeasance and/or sociopathic behavior were abundantly displayed. In addition, the Michael Brown and Freddie Gray incidents, (the former giving birth to the lie called Black-Lives-Matters) were calamitous in their own right.  Nevertheless, both the Brown and Gray cases were usurped by Obama’s Justice Department to mostly impugn law enforcement.[ii]  So here we go again.  

The people rioting and looting supposedly over the death of Mr. Floyd resembles the carnival-like atmosphere, I experienced as a teenager during the Rochester, New York Riot back in 1964.   Then, Negroes basically pillaged and destroyed their own neighborhoods, all in the name of “social justice”; whatever the hell that meant. 

Even in 1964, the real reasons for the riots (the struggle for racial equality and civil rights) were lost in the push to steal some new Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russel endorsed Converse Sneakers from Robert Hall’s.[iii] Nothing seems to have changed. 

The generational stupidity of the Black Political class will employ the death of George Floyd and any similar occurrence of police mischief (real or fabricated) to enrich themselves in their local, state or federal positions.  Such a deal!

[i] See., Black-Lives-Matter: To the Police

[ii]See.,  I have four sons, and they’re not Trayvon

[iii] Robert Hall’s was an Upstate New York clothing and shoe store back in the 1930 through the 1970s.  It went bankrupt in 1977.

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