Demand Big Sports Stop Bullying North Carolina Faithful


Urgent action is needed now. NCAA, NBA, and NFL are boycotting North Carolina and other states that promote the natural family. Please sign our petition demanding this stop immediately.

The NCAA and professional sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, are using their power, money, and influence to push the full weight of the LGBT agenda. Their recent target is the faithful people of North Carolina. Before that Georgia… and before that Arizona.

But, community leaders, politicians, and voters in North Carolina are taking a stand for what is right and not giving into the pressure of big sports.

It’s time for the Christian community and all people of good will to stand with them. We at Freedom’s Journal Institute believe it is time for us to stand for what we say we believe and engage in the political process that represents us. Signing our petition is the first step.

Unfortunately, the sports community feels it’s OK to boycott people or states that promote the natural family. So, lets push back.

As recently, the NBA commissioner has moved the NBA All-Star game out of North Carolina because of the state “bathroom bill” protecting the privacy of women, girls, and children. It’s not NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s job to use the NBA to dictate public policy in North Carolina nor any other state

However, because the NBA has felt no repercussions for its actions, now the president of NCAA, Mark Emmert, is climbing aboard. He is moving tournament play out of North Carolina. Let’s stop it now before it spreads across all sports. We watch sports for entertainment not politics. It should not be used for coercion, manipulation or political retribution.

When you sign our petition, we will send an email on your behalf to the NCAA and NBA standing with the faithful in North Carolina.

Click here to view the petition and sign it.

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