Democrats Continue To Think Black Voters Are Stupid

Imagine that a firefighter saves you from a burning building.  Would you immediately call your family physician and thank him for saving your life?  Of course not!

Imagine that President Trump just issued a pardon to your son to release him from prison.  Would you immediately call former President Barack Obama and thank him for freeing your son?  Of course not!

Then why in the hell would former Vice President Joe Biden admit that the Black vote saved his presidential campaign and then immediately say that his number one priority as president will be to pass a radical liberal homosexual agenda?


He says it because Joe Biden has a 50-year history of telling Black folks what he thinks they want to hear while pushing policies that hurt the Black community.

Biden opposed affordable housing in DE when he served on the New Castle County Council in the early 1970s.  When he got to the U.S. Senate, he supported segregated schools in the mid-70s.  This led to his tough on crime legislation that he sponsored in the 80s and 90s.  

Biden has always played the Black community for fools.

According to exit polls, Biden received 71% of the Black vote on Super Tuesday.  He won states like VA, NC, TN, and AL with huge support from the Black community.  In VA and AL, Biden won about 70% of the Black vote; in NC and TN, Biden garnered around 50% of the Black vote.

When you go to Biden’s presidential campaign website, you can clearly see that his priority is not the Black community, but rather the radical liberal homosexual community.

His plan to force the radical liberal homosexual agenda on the American people consists of 8,132 words and 31 pages.

Now let’s juxtapose that with Biden’s plan for the Black community.  His plan for the Black community consists of only 1,274 words and 5 pages.  There is absolutely nothing in this plan that is “specific” to the Black community.

And to continue to prove that he thinks the Black voter is dumb, Biden snuck in a phrase that most people didn’t give much if any, attention to.  He lumps in with the Black community “people of color.”

Did you catch that?  So, IF Massa Biden decides to pass out any goodies to the Black community, they MUST be shared with Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc.

But there is absolutely no accommodation made for Blacks under the radical liberal homosexual or Hispanic agenda!

Just because Biden has bought the endorsement of prominent Black names, not leaders, does not mean he has the support of the Black community heading into the general election in the fall.

Herein lies an opportunity for the Republican Party to tap into disaffected Black voters.  Blacks are smart enough to realize that Democrats are merely mouthing words when they speak to them.  But Blacks don’t view the Republican Party as a viable option.

As one friend put it, Blacks support Republican principles; they just hate the Republican Party.

So, how should Blacks view Joe Biden?  When all is said and done, there’s more said than done.

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