Edgar Is Wrong About Undocumented Immigrants


In an op-ed piece for the Chicago Sun-Times (click here) former Governor Jim Edgar decided to insert himself into the national and state debates on the issue of immigration. Edgar argues the following:

  1. Deportation is “Senseless.” It will devastate Illinois’ economy while “destroying hardworking immigrant families.”
  2. Illinois is dependent on “innovation, hard work and optimism from immigrants from around the globe.”
  3. The Illinois DREAM Act that gives in-state tuition to “talented undocumented students” was a great piece of legislation.
  4. He praises the temporary visitor’s drivers license program for giving 200,000 undocumented immigrants in Illinois drivers licenses.
  5. He is in support of a new bill called the Student Access Bill which would “allow 4 year public universities to give financial aide to undocumented students.”
  6. His argues that instead of securing the borders we should secure the economy and invest in those undocumented immigrants that are from here. He agrees with the Federal government’s deferred action program.
  7. He claims that these acts level the playing field for undocumented immigrants and helps build a stronger economy.
  8. Lastly, he interjects that these actions are “politically smart” and “morally right”!

Oh, where to begin? What Edgar refuses to understand is that most of the anger coming form the electorate is because of the list of items of giveaways he mentions in his op-ed piece. People are incensed (and understandably so) that we would give special status or privileges to those whom have broken the law. Most of us understand that giving benefits to people who exhibit bad behavior only get you more bad behavior.

But lets go down the list of items to see if anything Edgar is suggesting has any merit, beginning with number 1:

  1. How do you determine it was senseless to deport people? Or that somehow Illinois couldn’t survive if illegal aliens weren’t here to carry the work load? What does it say about the jobs they are doing that only illegals can do them? Are there no legal immigrants willing to do the work? Are there no U.S. citizens willing to do the work? So do people only do this work if they are breaking the law? Again, what kind of work are we talking about? Maybe it’s time to come up with another way to get the work done. Who said families would be “destroyed”? I’m sure we’d allow families to leave together then come back together legally. I see no merit in his arguments here.
  2. Illinois is dependent on illegal workers? Really? I guess we can’t get any “innovation, hard work and optimism” from Illinois workers? Edgar’s opinion of the work force in Illinois is pretty dim.
  3. So in essence the DREAM Act allows illegal aliens to compete with the residence of Illinois for admission and tuition. It also allows illegal aliens to get lower tuition than other American citizens applying to a state college or university from outside the state. It puts state residence at parity with illegal aliens and ahead of out of state American students.
  4. How do you give drivers licenses’ to people who shouldn’t be here in the first place? Again, rewarding bad behavior only fosters more bad behavior.
  5. So Edgar is in favor of the Student Access Bill, which would allow illegal aliens to compete with US citizens for a limited amount of student aide? American students are already carrying an enormous amount of loan debt coming out of college. There are also a host of American students who can’t afford college but Edgar wants to make monies available to students who are here illegally. Really?
  6. Our borders are more secure because the economy is stagnant. There are fewer people risking their lives to come here because work is drying up. However, when the economy turns around the flood gates will open again. Secondly, the federal program to defer deportation was found unconstitutional.
  7. We don’t need to level the playing field for illegal aliens. We need to level it for American citizens who can’t find work or have stopped looking for it.
  8. The list of items you propose are neither politically smart nor moral. It is clear that many are upset with the giveaways to illegal aliens in an attempt to win Hispanic votes. Someone should point out that not all Hispanics think alike. Hispanics, Blacks and others who support Trump, Carson and Fiorina are examples of the angst with traditional politicians or establishment politicians like yourself. It is not politically smart to upset them any further, just ask Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Lastly, let me close with addressing the moral issue. Your proposals are not moral either, because you place “winning” an election and “economic benefit” for the state above the health and well-being of US citizens. Your proposals are all based upon your own self interests. You could careless about the descendants of African slaves for whom the 14th amendment was written, or their high unemployment rate or lack of participation in job hunting. Hundreds of black kids are being killed everyday because they don’t see any hope for a good education, job or way out for themselves and their families. But instead of focusing on opportunities, which invest in their futures, you’d rather invest in illegal aliens. We know Black families are being destroyed because of liberals like you on both sides of the political isle who believe political expedience is the answer to everything. And by the way who made you the arbiter of what is moral or not? Why should anyone listen to you about what is moral? Your morality is based on what?

This is to all the moderate to liberal democrats and republicans: How exactly is it that we are suppose to determine what is moral? Is it moral to ignore the rule of law? Is it moral to allow the illegal aliens to leap frog the millions of people standing in line to get into this country legally? Is it morally right that illegal aliens be given scholarships that should go to US citizens? I’m beginning to think, Mr. Edgar, that your moral compass needs to be readjusted.


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