Everything Works in Sweden – Part II

It has become a psycho-cultural imprimatur for many Americans to loathed something about the country. At the same time, many of us will repeatedly idealize the merits of some other nation’s socio-economic system.  We all know the drill.  We often hear such pronouncements that the EU, and other countries, take much better care of their sick; or that European cities are much cleaner than American cities. To this latter point, I say try taking a walk, or in my case, a run out of the designated tourist spots. These and other apocryphal insights would soon dissipate. But you really can’t blame people for this.  I would imagine, if people from Europe only visited the tourist areas of Washington DC or Nancy Pelosi’, San Francisco, they might conclude these urban areas are relatively well kept and unsullied. Of course, crime-ridden and rundown neighborhoods within our nation’s capital, brought to you courtesy of fifty years of Democrat and Congressional Black Caucus type leadership, tells a different story.   

Sweden is good! America is bad! Why aren’t we more like Sweden?

 Their schools, medical facilities, neighborhoods, law enforcement, and their so-called socialist government should be the model.   I also have it upon proper authority, that conspicuous flatulence among the Nordic populace is culturally anathematic.  

 But in all seriousness, Sweden and many countries in the EU have their stalwart cultural-political characteristics. But contrary to popular beliefs, Sweden and most of Europe is not truly Socialist.  As stated previously, Sweden has a very vibrant corporate and capitalist-driven economic system. The fact that Sweden and many European countries have been able to pour a lot of their GDP into womb-to-tomb social welfare benefits has more to do with spending priorities of these nations since 1949. 

As pointed out at great peril to his popularity among his EU counterparts, President Trump has been the first American President in recent memory to tersely point out that many of these European countries have spent nothing significant on their national defense or military.

 In the case of Germany, it was deliberately disarmed and limited because of the fear of repeating the world’s hands-off policies following the First World War, despite the politically neutered and hapless Treaty of Versailles. The United States has been the military that protected all of Europe and most of the free economies during the Cold War Era. At the same time, the United States provided most of the funds and logistical support to nations during many natural and man-made disasters.

As alluded to in the previous article, both the King of Sweden as well as its Prime Minister take umbrage with the narrative being pushed by the political-left that Sweden is a socialist country. This narrative simply isn’t so! Sweden, like many countries in the EU, has a very strong market-based society, where private enterprise and other activities associated with capitalism are not encumbered by the type of government control that is characteristic of fully metastasized Socialist schemes; where they have long ago run out of other people’s money.  In Sweden, businesses and big corporations are very independent of government influences and are not manipulated via bureaucratic regulations and government wealth redistribution ruses.  To further bolster this point, it is even illegal within Sweden’s Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, for the government or public sector to interfere in industries and other free-market pursuits. 

 In its annual rankings of nations that maintain dynamic corporate and market-based economies, the Fraser Institute (a free-market think-tank) has Sweden and other Nordic countries scoring very high in the area of economic freedom and limited government intrusion. The institute’s Economic Freedom Index consistently demonstrates that countries like Sweden, Germany, Canada, the United States, and Australia, to name a few, do a much better job at providing the “opportunities” for its citizens to “pursue prosperity.” This stands in stark contrast to the nations that choose a “command and control” government model that typifies the Socialist political nomenclature. 

 As a cautionary note, Presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden along with current leftist superstars like Alexandria Occasion Cortez (D-NY) are pushing for the same wealth confiscation or  “kill the golden goose” socio-economics,  that are often the results of unfettered, or for that matter “fettered” Socialism.

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