Follow the POLITICAL…science?

The Democrat Party and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are all in agreement. The Wuhan-Chinese Virus (aka, Covid-19) and its spread is all Donald J. Trump’s fault. There’s no doubt about it.  According to the omnipresent talking points, dutifully blasted via their mainstream media, it was either Trump’s slow response to address the pandemic, accompanied by his negligence in not taking the Wuhan virus seriously enough, which led to the deaths of over 200,000 Americans. However, this number smirkingly reported by the mainstream media appears to be cooked, since as far back as April 2020, mortality numbers put out by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the CDC, have taken very relaxed measures when distinguishing between people, who died directly from the Wuhan virus and those, who died with it. Also, (and this has never been widely reported by MSM), up to 40% of the reported deaths have little or nothing to do with the COVID. One can also add the unfortunate reality that over 80% of the Wuhan virus deaths have occurred in elderly populations with secondary and tertiary health problems, commonly referred to as comorbidities. Recently released data by several EU and US health statisticians also cite a suspicious decrease since the pandemic in deaths from other diseases such as heart, various forms of cancers, and deaths from the yearly flu, influenza, and other respiratory conditions.  As pointed out months ago by several epidemiologists and virologists, whose opinions have conveniently disappeared or been taken down from such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Google; the recorded deaths from the Wuhan have been muddled into the 2.8 million Americans, who die each year, from all causes. 

What is also telling from a socio-political standpoint, no one is directly blaming Angela Merkel of Germany nor Emmanuel Macron of France for being responsible for Wuhan fatalities in their respective countries.  The German media doesn’t conspicuously run daily counts of Covid-19 deaths on their news broadcasts. Speaking with in-laws in Germany and a first cousin who is a retired medical doctor living in Fribourg, Switzerland, the rapid politicization of the virus has not reached the same level of animus as it has in the United States. The political finger-pointing by the Democratic polity has been solely directed at President Trump, rather than the progenitors of this pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party.

However, let it be emphasized that this virus is a grave health concern for the world.  What is equally relevant is that from the beginning of the pandemic, politics have often colored, if not usurped, science.

 If one cares to remember, it was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who first accused the United States military of releasing the Wuhan Virus on the world.  When that lie didn’t take, they quickly pivoted to the more political amorphous strategy of trying to hang it directly on Donald Trump, much like their Democrat padawans.

But you have to give it to the Democrat Party and their Communist mentors. They are masters of political transference. As alluded to in an earlier column, Republicans and Conservatives, in general, have been easily rolled for decades[i] by the soul-less anomie that dominates the Democrat political class. Their mantra from the very start of the China virus has been better politics through pandemics.

 Of course, the venial nature of the Democrat so-called deep concerns about the virus was a late development. For nearly two months after President Trump executed his travel ban from China and later from the EU, the Democratic Party and their media compadres predictably employed their all-purpose, never leave home without it, race and xenophobe card.  Democrats like Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer as well as, former President Obama, labeled the early actions by the Trump administration under any one of their favorite “Isms”[ii]  Also, during the last Democratic Presidential Debate on March 15, 2020, Covid-19 was barely mentioned by Joe Biden and others. 

Concurrently, Nany Pelosi early escapades in San Francisco’ Chinatown in late February, inviting everyone to come down and enjoy a slice of Asian culture and cuisine was done to underscore the point that Trump and those dastardly racists Republicans were targeting Chinese people. 

All through Feb and into March, the Democrats and Joe Biden (obsessed with impeaching President Trump) weren’t the least bit interested in the science. Even Doctor Fauci and others at the CDC were hardly sounding the alarm about the Wuhan virus’s seriousness. In several television interviews conducted in January and late February, Dr. Fauci assured us that there was nothing particularly ominous about the Chinese virus. Furthermore, unlike now, Dr. Fauci said little to nothing about social distancing, wearing a mask, and lockdowns.

However, true to form, and with help from the CNN-NPR-BCC media cloister, Democrats magically became aware of the Wuhan Chinese Virus’ seriousness. Shamelessly, they recalibrated their talking points to blame the mean-old, science denying-xenophobic orange man, Donald J. Trump.

But then again, there is nothing new about the cultural left nor their Democratic constituencies accusing Conservatives or Republicans of not following the science.  For decades, at our universities, the cultural left and liberal Democratic elites, who control the university culture, have always accused Conservatives, Republicans, or anyone, disagreeing with being nonintellectual. This general attitude by the cultural left has filtered down to the general populace, whom they mostly consider a bunch of rubes or bucolic peasants. For decades before the Wuhan virus, the cultural left and many of their Democrat catechumenates use the same sort of accusations to shutdown needed discussions from anyone, who dared to question the neoanimism underpinning much of the climate change debate, and its synergetic poisoning of the hard sciences.  

In many social, humanities, and hard sciences, peer-reviewed or otherwise, if you expressed or presented evidence contrary to their accepted “double-blind” studies, you were labeled an apostate. This is similar to the thousands of epidemiologists and virologists, both here and in the EU, now being successfully censored, DE platformed or (ignored) by the media and mega information platforms such as Google or Facebook.[iii]

It is tragic that “formally renowned” medical scientists like Doctor Sunetra Gupta, Oxford, Martin Kulldorff, at Harvard, along with Doctor Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and thousands of others in the health science community, are being censored. Also, over 20,000 scientists both here and in the EU have signed an anti-lockdown document, known as the Barrington Declaration, which recognizes the irreparable damage to our population if these lockdowns continue. Unfortunately, the MSM, Democratic Party, and mega social media platforms are doing their best to make this information less robust, if not all, but invisible in their information stream. 

The most egregious censoring of other valid scientific opinions occurred with the silencing of the information presented by Dr. Li-Meng Lin, a Chinese virologist, who had to flee China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because of her claims that the virus was intentionally created in Chinese Labs. She also maintained with threats on her own life, that the original story disseminated by the CCP and the politically compromise World Health Organization (WHO) that the virus originated in a Chinese wet market was a carefully orchestrated smokescreen. With evidence that is now suppressed by the CCP, the WHO, and downplayed or not covered by the CDC and the MSM, Dr. Li-Meng’s research emphatically states the genome of the virus (i.e., its genetic fingerprint), points back to the anthropocentric origins of the Wuhan virus. 

In addition, concurrent actions were taken by the Chinese Communist Party as far back as December 2019, where China was buying-up and stockpiling PPE(s), and other virus mitigation paraphrenia, demonstrated the CCP’s utter duplicity in not warning the world about the dangers of their virus. 

But here is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If we had a functioning media, instead of one in the tank for one political party, this information would have been more apparent. But as pointed out in a previous column, the most powerful tool in the MSM arsenal has always been “omission.”[iv]

Once more, as pointed out earlier, over the last six months and especially in April and May of this year, several health scientists and bio-researchers at institutions like (Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge)have had their research taken down by the major media platforms, or ignored by the Democratic Party and the MSM ( one-in-the-same-entity) because they presented counter scientific data on the effectiveness of lockdowns, herd immunity, and even the questionable ways the fatality numbers were being tabulated by such organizations as the WHO, John Hopkins, the CDC, and others. The media, with a certain amount of gleefulness, likes to tout that nearly 200,000 Americans have died from Wuhan Virus; when in actuality, these numbers may be cooked because they often make a little distinction from individuals who died with as oppose to from the virus. 

The censored cohort of the world health community has been more spot-on in their predictions than the accepted “we’re all going to die,” Henny-Penny” political…………health scientists. 

 In regards to the so-called science behind lockdowns, here is a key point to keep in mind. Government health experts like Doctor Fauci, Dr. Birx, and the CDC’s head have spent the last seven months having us all jump through hoops to fight the Wuhan. However, there was never any compelling evidence that was eviscerating, and neutering the economy and culture via lockdowns were more prudent or effective than simply isolating those most at risk. 

 [PH1] Tracking data sites like Statista since March 2020, the death per million in the United States, which economically castrated itself over the Wuhan, are pretty much the same as Sweden, who did not adopt such draconian measures.  As of Oct 30, 2020, United States stands at 693 deaths per million, while Sweden stands at 576 per million.  To put it another way, here in the United States, that’s around 14 deaths per million every seven days.

Once again, the censored scientific community predicted this back in March, but of course CNN-NPR-BBC, as well as cooperative google cabal, have been doing their best, to limit this information[v] because it didn’t follow their political——–science. 

The point is, from the very outset of the pandemic, most Americans were dutifully (if not naively) following the instructions of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the Coronavirus Taskforce. Even when we received mixed messages from these same experts on social distancing and wearing a mask.  We were encouraged to shutdown businesses to help mitigate the spread, which only delayed the spread of the virus via the number of cases. Despite the deaths that we have suffered as a nation, we’ve been skillfully maneuvered by the MSM to conflate cases with actual deaths. In other words, it has been more politically advantageous to push a “casedemic.”

 Another observation covering the perfidy in the controlled flow of information on the virus that screams political manipulation.  Remember when Georgia and Florida had increased deaths from the Wuhan because these states supposedly opened too soon.  Given these so-called cataclysmic increases, the numbers never approach fatality numbers of places like New York and New Jersey. What was particularly interesting, by July 7th, cases and deaths were already heading downward. However, even as of last week, you could speak with many individuals and view media reports, who were still repeating the false perception, that Florida and Georgia opened too soon. 

Here is another fact not widely reported by the Democratic media.  Many of the deaths in places like Florida and Georgia were suspiciously post-dated, to give the impression of an out of control virus. Also add to this, that the media and Democratic fear pornographers are currently pushing the narrative, that cases are going up in other parts of the country when this was expected all along. At the same time, they purposely blurred or conflated these increases (incurring mostly in the populations with little or no mortality risks from the Wuhan) as somehow being on death’s doorstep. 

 To inject, wearing masks and social distancing is helpful to an extent, even though the “censored scientific community” has some reservations about these mitigation protocols. But to reiterate, the vast majority of deaths from the Wuhan have been people above the age of 80, with multiple health problems or comorbidities.  Besides, conveniently hidden in plain sight is important data on survival rates from the Covid, which run counter to the Henny Penny, scare-the-hell-out-of-the-public stories, pushed by the blue-state political-class and the fear pornographers of the mainstream media. The latest statistics on survival rates from COVID-19 not covered by the media reads as follows.

Covid Survival Rates

Ages 0-19                                         99.997%

Ages 20-49                                      99.98%

Ages 50-69                                      99.98 %

70 + years                                         94.6 %

Once again, these are CDC numbers. 

Also, to paraphrase many within the censored science community, the only thing that is truly unique about this virus has been Western societies’ response to it.  In past pandemics, those most venerable were isolated, while today, we lockdown everyone and every activity we could find.  Unfortunately, in the Democratic blue states, this approach congruently fits into their socio-political wheelhouse. Despite the virtue signaling by Progressive Liberals, Democrat constituencies, and statist acolytes, the observation uttered by the late Charles Krauthammer rings truth. If you scratch a Liberal Progressive Democrat, underneath, you will find an authoritarian.  And many times, they wear their authoritarianism under the guise of compassion. 

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