Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’m a Black Democrat

I would give anything to be completely wrong about blacks overwhelming voting Democrat in the upcoming Presidential election. It is my deepest wish that the black community will come to its senses and cease voting in-mass for the Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’.  In Post-Civil Right America, Democrats, as typified by the Biden/Harris ticket, will continue their habit of improving the lot of the black political class. At the same time, the fortunes of rank and file black voters will largely be taken for granted, or conveniently ignored by the same Democrats, who claim to care so much about plight of the poor and the black underclass. 

The Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP and now the newest pretender to speak for the black community, the Blacks Lives Matter Global Foundation will continue to garner monies, political power and adulations, but little will change. This despite the endemic dysfunctionality in far too many Democrat controlled urban areas over the past two generations. Blacks will vote in candidates, in this case, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who once in office, can comfortably neglect their loyal, if not politically gullible constituencies. 

I’m reminded of a curt dialogue in the movie Animal House, where the protagonist and his friends borrow a fellow fraternity brothers’ car, and later return the vehicle completely trashed.  When the distraught frat brother tries to hold his friends accountable for destroying his vehicle, his so-called friends exclaimed. Sorry about your car, but you really messed-up! You trusted us.   For decades, Democratic politicians, black or white, have treated the black underclass the same way. 

The black political class and their immediate beneficiaries will do well, as always.  Maxine Waters (D-CA) and the new guard of black Democrats such as Corry Booker (D-NJ), or members of “The Squad” will survive and thrive.  However, the socio-economic stasis within poor black communities (which experienced a short reprieve under Trump’s economic policies before the COVID) will return to the same old stagnation. Violent neighborhoods, subpar schools, and outcome inequalities that Democrats have been promising to fix since Johnson’s Great Society will continue.  

I want to be wrong about the preceding, and adopt the optimism of a Candace Owens, a Black Conservative and political activist, who believes blacks in this next election cycle will turn away from the Democrat Party in droves.  However, the black community will most likely vote over 90% for a Democrat candidate.  The maxim, stupid is, what stupid does, will once again carry the day for Biden and the Democrats. [i]

BLM and the larger body politic of the Democratic Party will predictably and tragically be successful at distracting the black community from addressing many self-inflicted problems, (like black-on-black crime, the breakdown of the nuclear family, along with a toxic cultural belief among many within the black underclass, that views middle-class values as acting white. As pointed out by many black conservatives, a culture, that takes pride in ignorance and mocks learnedness, has a dim future. However, it is an easy sell for social justice warriors to point to police misconduct and income inequality, as the main obstacles impeding black community progress.

Blacks will vote Democrat! Regardless of the reality, that much of today’s social pathologies seen among the black underclass, are an outgrowth of the welfare state, that has made self-destructive behaviors less costly for the individual, who engages in destroying the cultural-economic ecology of their neighborhoods.  It is outcome inequality, that will continue to hamstring far too many in the black underclass. But once again, black folks will still pull the lever for Democrats. The NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, BLM Global Foundation, Progressive Leftist academics (an oxymoron), as well as the cacophonous musings of people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and her band of perpetually aggrieved color women,[ii]  will continue to exploit the political atrophy of the black voter. 

After all, keeping black people ignorant, dependent and angry[iii] has been a successful formula for Democrats to garnish their vote for decades. It is the Rubicon, that the Black community will not cross. I don’t see 2020 being any different.  PS……I hope to God I’m wrong!

[i] See., Just Stupid!

[ii] See., Musings of a Colored Person

[iii] Boy, pick that up!

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