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Let the lying begin—— again! Now that the Democrats have regained control of the House. We will once more be treated with a potpourri of misinformation, total omissions, and well-placed TV footage of our mean-old border officers teargassing innocent women and children. Organizers of these so-called spontaneous caravans arriving at our southern borders are mimicking the tried and true method of deliberately using the most vulnerable as human shields to manipulate a largely unaware American public to the turmoil that exists at the Southern border.   Employing women and children as shields is a brutal tactic perfected over the decades by Hamas against the State of Israel. The cultural left and organizations supporting open borders, know that a picture (no matter how contrived) is worth a thousand words.  Just ask Jussie Smollett, or the Patron Saint of all contrivances, Tawana Brawley. 

 But the Democrat Party and many of the George Soros backed caravans, including such groups like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, La Raza, along with an alphabet soup of open border organizations coming under the acronym CARA, view illegal immigrants only as an idea[i]They felicitously ignore the horrendous true face of the people and groups seeking unlawful entry into the country.  Pueblo Sin Fronteras along with other far left neo-socialist practitioners are involved explicitly in organizing caravans, as well as providing coaching to many illegals in how to game the INS, DHS and other agencies charged with maintaining lawful immigration.

Besides, most of the open border supplicants conveniently ignore the millions of individuals and families who choose to do it legally. This writer is thoroughly aware of the imperfections and mind-numbing delays and bureaucratic red tape involved in the legal immigration. My spouse is a “legal” resident alien.  However, these are the rules, if America wishes to remain a sovereign nation. 

Let’s state this bluntly. We are a nation of citizens, who have always accepted immigrants. But it was on our terms, no matter how imperfect. Immigration without some semblance of law and a process of assimilation is little more than an invasion. The current rush of 80,000 illegals in the last few months is a direct result of judges and politicians on both sides of the aisle, who seem to hate Trump more than protecting the American people. The thousands of Americans killed by criminal illegals is met with a big yawn by many Democrats.  The plea from Americans, who have had relatives killed by people who had no business being in the country in the first place, has grown the list of Angel moms and Families. The deaths of these Americans was entirely preventable if many in the political class would do their job and enforce the laws.

This is not to say that the majority of those illegally entering the country aren’t good people, just seeking a better life for their families. The problem is figuring out, who among this invasion is relatively harmless (albeit still illegal) and those who seek us great harm either through criminal behavior, outright terrorists’ activities or just down-outs seeking to leech-off our social welfare system.  In regards to the latter group, I believe we have enough American citizens, who fit that category without importing more.  

 Since 9/11, border officials have retained several thousand “special interest aliens” from places like Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan. And these are only the ones that we were lucky enough to halt. We just don’t know who everyone is.  Nor do we have any proven method of vetting individuals hailing from countries with no public records, population immunizations, criminal records, or whether or not they are even families. Of course, this type of critical information is what the open border advocates want us to take at face value.  Hell, the current vetting system or lack thereof, cannot guarantee many of these individuals real places of origin.

 Many within the Democrat and Republican Party are entirely unconscious to the reality that open borders, sanctuary cities and states, and illegal immigrants are bad ideas.  However, similar to Socialism beloved by Progressives both here and in Europe, unfettered illegal immigration is on its firmest ground “only” as an idea. In practice, in far too many countries (many of them in Latin America), its track record has proven disastrous.  

 About immigration, whether in the United States or in the failed experiment taking place in the EU, the political class on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be wedded to the notion of economic, cultural and demographic suicide via their policies of open borders. The Catechism of fuzzy symbolism and wishful thinking on the part of many residing in today’s Democratic Party always trumps the real tragedies and apparent dangers of open borders.[ii]  Listening to both Democrats and Republicans opposing President Trump’s efforts to bring some sanity to this decades-old problem. You are led to believe that they, and the cultural left, view illegals as all hardworking individuals, whose kids are high school valedictorians, coming off their third tour in Afghanistan.  Democrats, the MSM, college academics and their devotees, (i.e., students) all engaged in a socio-political calculus that is unencumbered mainly by reality.[iii]

 Abraham Lincoln Freed the Hondurans                     

What are the realities of illegal immigration?  To address this question with any hope of arriving at a measured view of this decade’s old discordance, we need to stop lying to ourselves. First of all, immigrants, illegal and otherwise, are just people. They are capable of acting and behaving in ways that are a plus to our nation.  Many, if not the majority of immigrants, are very hardworking, who only wish to make a better life for themselves and their families.  In my experience living and working in such places as Brownsville and Lubbock Texas, Calexico and Turlock CA as well as Yuma Arizona, I have met many outstanding and gracious individuals. Many of whom were illegals.[iv]At the same time, I have lived in situations and interacted with individuals, who are capable of great mischief.  

The first antiphon recited for decades by Democrats and the cultural left is that illegals pay taxes. That is without a doubt true, but fiscally irrelevant.  Most, if not all, illegals entering our country don’t earn enough to be taxed in any meaningful manner. Controlling for taxes as well as the labor illegals provide Americans, we are still left footing a $140 billion-dollar shortfall, to cover the cost of illegals.  Sadly, we already have over 44% of the American public not paying any federal income taxes.   Why in the world would we import more individuals, who represent a net loss in revenue?  The criminal activity from groups like MS-13, drug trafficking, and the housing over 300,0000 illegal criminal aliens in our local, state and federal prison system, is hardly a dividend to the American economy.  The exploitation of women and children by human traffickers, drug smuggling, rampant sexual abuse is a reality of illegal immigration conveniently glossed over for decades by open border advocates. Human traffickers for years have also been using children, unaccompanied or not, to pose as families. They know that this is another effective way of gaming the system, in favor of illegal entry.  However, the Democratic Party and the MSM (one in same entity), cover-up this nasty truth for political purposes. Also, many Republicans have even been kowtowed and/or silenced about this palpable aspect of open borders.    

Another polemic that is often put forth is that not all illegals engage in these types of social maleficence. This point is undoubtedly valid, and inconsequential at the same time. 

You don’t need large segments of illegals to do tremendous damage to our social welfare system, healthcare and education institutions.  Currently, in the EU or European Union, a seldom-mentioned aspect of open borders is its deleterious effect on their womb to tomb public welfare system. In places like Germany, France, and the UK they have quietly cut back on these benefits as a direct result of open borders pushed by the Brusselian political class and the Labor Party in the UK. 

 Here is another observation. And this shouldn’t be a news flash!  The war on terrorism is still ongoing despite the fact that many Americans wish to stick their heads in the sand.  Recently, I was having dinner with some liberal friends.  The main topic that they seemed vexed over was the damage to the environment by the use of plastic straws.  In a time when we have hundreds if not thousands of Islamic terrorists (homegrown or otherwise) embedded in our society, liberals choose to ruminate on soft targets or low hanging fruit, such as a contemporary environmental issue. There are individuals, many of them new illegals from the Middle East, who want to kill us.   Sept 11thwill seem like a misdemeanor if we as Americans wish to continue in our Sept 10thtype of thinking. It’s been nearly two decades since 9/11, and our politicians, the MSM, and the cultural left still don’t see the urgency of border security.  They instead engage in political gamesmanship, even if it someday costs the lives of thousands of Americans. Saving the dolphins or curtailing such the existential threats posed by plastic straws or MacDonald’s food wrappers, is much more avant-garde, than protecting the lives of American citizens. [v]

The suppressing of wages, which affects the working and middle class on both sides of the Atlantic is still another socio-economic botheration, being deliberately omitted in the media’s coverage of illegal immigration and open borders.  A repeated catechetical reframe that you will always get from Democrats or Progressives is, that illegals are doing the jobs most American won’t do.  While conveniently omitting the addendum statement, for the price. More importantly, employers of illegals don’t cover the full costs of their employment.  Healthcare, educational, housing as well as nutritional benefits are mostly footed by American citizens.  Meat Packing and cannery plan jobs, construction labor, hotel, and restaurant industries have conveniently flatlined wages for Americans.  It is ironic that groups like the Congressional Black Caucus, who supposedly represent the interests of African Americans (the very people who are most affected by illegal labor), say very little about the situation.  Like many within the political class, it doesn’t affect them directly. Maxine Waters (D-CA), John Lewis (D-GA) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) can be very generous with other people jobs.  They can carry on with the economic kabuki theatre, knowing that many black folks will always vote to keep them in office. 

 I guess there is some truth in the aphorism, that defines insanity as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. President Trump spoke the truth when he asserted, what do you have to lose?   Your Black representatives are more attune to keeping their well-paying jobs, than confronting real economic maladies precipitated, or at least made worse by illegal immigrants.   

Voter fraud is yet another aspect of illegal immigration, that Democrats wish to close their eyes too. It has been an ongoing problem for decades, especially in places like California, New York, Texas and most border states with sizeable illegal populations. Democrats and the cultural left know that voting illegally is one of the easiest things to do, yet difficult to address. Going back to the 1992 Presidential election many counties in San Joaquin Valley of California recorded more votes than individuals of voting age in several precincts. In the recent Congressional elections, LA County recorded more voters than citizens of voting age.   Of course, lawn-chair Republicans and other Conservative constituencies say little about these glaring irregularities, because they are politically spineless and crumble under the charge, that they are just being “racist” against Latinos. The net result is that illegals have been stealing votes from American citizens for decades. Say what you want about our current President, but he has been the first high ranking elected official (with a spine) even to breach the reality of voter fraud.  Forget the mythology of Russian influence into the 2016 Presidential Election. The Democratic Party, mea culpa Republicans and the MSM will never take a serious look at the effects of over 20 million illegals, (not the often repeated and mythical 11 million) who may have garbled election results.  

To make matters worse, politicians on both sides of the aisle won’t even address the fact that illegal immigrants have a direct effect on state representation.  Most people know (or should know) that their representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on proportional representation as worked-out via the decennial Census. And, many Americans are aware that the Census takers try to count everybody residing in the country. However, most of us (including politicians) do not make the connection that illegal immigrants and other foreigners who are not legal permanent residents are part of the calculation for the apportionment of Congressional representatives.  With over 20 million more persons counted in the Census, then the number of U.S. citizens, this should be a prudential concern. 

Regrettably, the political class of both parties is mostly in the business of getting reelected.  And, if you are in the political party that preaches a gospel of “free stuff” to everyone including illegals, why not keep it up.  After all, a party of sugar daddies will always beat the message of free-market economic conservatism.  We know the repeated doxology. Republicans are just plain mean, and deep down they fear the “Browning of America!”  That’s the political heresy, strictly adhered to and effectively propagated by liberal Democrats. 

The constitutional idiocy of anchor babies brought to you by a 1982 footnote by Supreme Court Justice William Brennan[vi]It is one of the worst adjudicated decisions by the Supreme court since the Dred Scott Decision or the Plessy v Ferguson lunacy. Bestowing citizenship on children of illegals has been riddled with fraud. Very few countries including the very liberal EU doesn’t allow for such an immigration flaw.  Gaining votes and representation, legal or not, is all that matters to many in the political class. 

 The Fourteenth Amendment drafted to guarantee freed slaves their citizenships, was an offshoot of President Lincoln’s early 13thAmendment which freed Negro slaves. It was never intended to apply to children of illegals, who happen to be born on American soil. However, thanks to the spread of this Brennanian judicial dogma, the issue is mired in complications, convenient for the Democrat Party. They are free to harvest individuals from the third-world, and Latin America predisposed to the socialist/big government largess that is the bulwark of the Democratic Party.   Ironically most of the illegals from Latin America and elsewhere originate from corrupt and bankrupt Socialist and/or Latin American Kleptocracies.   

Gee, I guess Abraham Lincoln really did free the Hondurans.  It shouldn’t be long before American culture is usurped, and we may one day call Amazon or some other vendor and hear the message “For English Press 4.”   

[i] See., Illegal Immigrant as an Idea.

[ii]  See., Weapons-Grade Immigration

[iii]  See., All Enemies Fabricated and Imagined

[iv]  This author refuses to employ the PC term of “undocumented workers” when referring to Illegal immigrants. Besides usurping the efforts of the millions of individuals who are doing it legally, it undercuts any chance instilling in people that we are a nation of laws.

[v]See…  Kill Me, But Don’t Call me a Racist – Part II 

[vi]This decision incorporated in the footnotes of Plyler v. Doe, completely ignored the reason for the Fourteenth Amendment, which was to guarantee freed Negroes citizenship following the Civil War. At the time, many Southern Democrats were seeking to deny freed blacks citizenship.

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  1. Bill Putnam says:

    Patrick, This article is well written, accurate, prophetic, and disgustingly depressing to those of us paying the bill for all this corruption which ultimately enslaves us to those who will ultimately out vote us, while destroying our constitutional republic. I fear that we have reached the tipping point where there is no peaceful solution to repair this problem. There will soon be more tax takers, than tax payers. God bless you, Bill Putnam

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