I haven’t been Black since 1972 (?)

In the year 2020, America remains the least racist nation on earth, despite what former President Barrack Obama seems to infer in his newest work of literary solipsism, A Promised Land. But what is most tiresome, if not totally disheartening about the former President is, that he is the first American President, whoever left office hating the country. However, too many of us who were onto the surreptitiousness’ of his character and Presidency, Obama, like many of his compadres on the cultural left, have spent their entire political lives drinking far too deeply from the well that defined America as systemically racists.

But with that said, it is impossible to disprove a negative as naïve, if not completely amorphous and intellectually lazy as labeling a people or a large segment of the American populace as racist.  Does racism still exist in all societies and cultures? You bet!  Human beings are inheritably flawed and sometimes struggle with this peculiar “original sin.” Yet, if the truth is told, the people who have done the least to help mitigate the sporadic racism that still festered in our culture have sometimes been black people. 

Obama and many well-to-do African Americans, unfortunately, have too much time and energy on their hands to feel hurt and offended by God knows what. To them, if some jerk speeds by in a car and blurts out the word “nigger”, this becomes an imprimatur that we are still living in Jim Crow America. Every perceived racial slight has become a referendum on how racist, or for that matter, how sexist America still is. It is just more hidden; their reasoning goes.    Leftist catechumenates, like Obama, steadfastly believe racism still thrives in the apocryphal realms of implicit-race-bias and micro racisms, being dutifully evangelized for decades in academia, the mainstream media, as well as by politicians, like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.  

The secular hermeneutics or principles underpinning the cultural-political poison that America is a racist society was at the heart of President-Elect Joe Biden’s comment, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me, or Trump, then you ain’t black.”   Oh well!  I guess I haven’t been black since 1972. That year, I supported the Democratic nominee for President, George McGovern.   

However, racism has become a cultural elixir to many middle and upper-middle-class black Americans at this point.  They can’t leave home without it.  Despite their own success in our so-called racist society, they seldom take the time or opportunity to “consistently” teach others within the black underclass to see the many opportunities America affords all of its citizens.  It’s just way too cool and a boost to their egos to been seen as crusaders for racial justice when in reality, the black underclass’s everyday problems have little to nothing to do with race or white folks being mean to them. Obama and many alleged “real black people” will never acknowledge intergroup differences in interests, abilities, cultural values or mores, family structure (or lack thereof) in many black households that might produce decades of socioeconomic disparities. 

What is so painful about the charge of America being racist is that it doesn’t recognize the reality of genuine racial and cultural oppression that exists in this world. If you want to see real racism and cultural genocide, observe how modern-day Christians are killed in many countries throughout the Middle East. Try being Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Christian living in places like Lebanon, or Coptic Christians in Egypt, getting their heads severed because of who they are.  You want to experience the full measure or honest-to-God institutional government-supported segregation?  Survey the way the Chinese Communist Party and their political class have treated Mongolians and Tibetans.  Someday sit-down with an Assyrian Chaldean Christian and have them expound upon the murderous horrors that they and their families lived through in their home country. Thirty years ago, while living in Turlock, California, my family befriended several Assyrian Catholic Christians, with whom we shared a Church.  They experienced true hate, unabashed racism, and religious persecution. 

 I would ask those who, like Obama, still fret over remnants of racist individuals that still exist here in America to do some research about the concentration camps the Chinese Community Party (CCP) operates to “re-educate” hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uyghurs.  You can rest assure that any Muslim Uyghur would trade places in a micro-second with those Americans who think we still live in an intractably racist and “bad country.”   We are simply not a racist nation! 

To be blunt, truly racist countries or governments don’t let their racial minorities protest or riot. 

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