Illegal Immigrant as an Idea

Open borders, sanctuary cities, and illegal immigrants are bad ideas. However, similar to Socialism, beloved by Progressives both here and in Europe, unfettered illegal immigration is on its firmest ground “only” as an idea. In practice, in far too many countries and social movements, its track record has proven disastrous to people and nations where it’s taken root.  Whether here in the United States or in the failed experiment taking place in the EU, the political class on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be wedded to the idea of economic, cultural and demographic suicide via their policies of open borders.

In the United States, various strains of the open border credo have caused more problems than it was purported to solve. In fact, the real catastrophic cost of open borders and illegal immigration is being skillfully hidden[i]by the body politics, which makes up the Democratic Party, the Mediacrats of the MSM, and the potpourri of individuals, who are currently falling for the political theatre, surrounding separation of illegal alien family groups at the border.  No equal time has ever been given to the hidden face of decades of illegal immigration, which includes hundreds of thousands of felonies committed by illegal aliens, nor the real cost to our social welfare system, which runs into the billions. This reality runs counter to the well-oiled myth that the taxes illegals pay somehow put a dent into the delirious impact they have on schools, health systems, and other socio-economic largess.

Democrats and Liberal Progressives often-cited dubious numbers that illegals pay their fair share of taxes. They are partly right. However, the vast majority of illegals don’t make enough money to be taxed in any meaningful manner.

In scrutinizing the apoplectic emotions surrounding the practice of children being separated from their families, we should keep in mind that these are not your great-grandfather immigrants.  Individuals claiming to be families, camouflaged child/adolescent drug and sex trafficking, Islamic terrorists, outright criminals and other bad actor’s make-up the synergetic nature of these so-called illegal immigrant families. This is not to say, that many, if not most aren’t legitimate family groups. But surveying “guarded comments” by ICE and other law enforcement agencies, caution should be the operative word when employing the term families in the ongoing political/cultural circus which is the southern border. Also, take into consideration that these same policies were enacted (but never really enforced) during the Obama years.  Likewise, there is nothing new in the practice of separating minors from parents who run afoul of the “law.” Each year, child protection services and law enforcement take away thousands of children from U.S. citizens.

A Sidebar:

Another big lie gaining traction among the open border crowd is their wholly unencumbered by reality call to abolish ICE. Kindred to the demonization of the police by Progressive Democrats for their so-called indiscriminate killing of black men,[ii], the real danger and progenitors of criminal behavior are blacks and some illegals.[iii]  ICE is just doing its job.

It’s Uncomplicated

Let me be curt. No Progressive Liberal mea cupla’s are necessary here.  The onus should be placed on the parents of these children, for not respecting the laws of our nation.  Like the millions of legal immigrants and asylum seekers, there is a right way to do things. Illegal aliens (not undocumented workers) should stand in line like everyone else.   Being a spouse of a “legal resident alien,” we had to do it lawfully. We submitted all the required INS forms and waited patiently for two years.   And yes, it was hard for both of us and somewhat expensive to go through the process. So, unlike the emotional/political labanotation that is now taking place at the border, we should make no apologies[iv].  Trump and his administration are making the” hard choices,” which Democrat and Republican career politicians refused to address for decades. The Trump Administration is no longer in the business of protecting an Obama created criminal class. Being a non-politician, Trump is just doing what he said he would during his campaign for President. What a surprise![v]  He is not Hitler. He is not a Nazi. Nor is he a “really mean evil poop-head.” However, in all seriousness, when Democrats and other invoke the Hitler and Nazi epitaph, this is a dangerous loss of the language. It is very similar to the castration of the term racism by many blacks.[vi]

Subtracting the Oprahian emotional curve[vii]Driving all the staged protest by the open border crowd, we merely need to enforce the law!

The political class and the utopian Progressive ethos that has created this problem at the border, need to grow a pair and simply practice “a tough socio-political love,” on those individuals, no matter their circumstance. People seeking entrance have to stand in line like the “millions” of others, who legally apply each year to build a better life for themselves and their children.


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[vii]Oprahian refers to the tendency of many on the left to measure the rightness of a cause by the vigorous emotions they feel. Regrettably, many adults pushing Progressive causes, like open borders and illegal immigration, “feel” themselves to be right. This way of “thinking,” or lack thereof, by many Americans is an unfortunate result of growing up with an Oprah Winfrey like cosmology. A cosmology that single-handedly cornered the market of ideas, by confusing emotions and feelings, with cognition.

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