Illinois’ Vichy Republicans: Tea-Party Sell-Out & Pro-Life Surrender

B. RaunerThe dirty little secret about the Republican candidate for Governor in Illinois is that he’s already governing like an Illinois Democrat.  Bruce Rauner, like the prettiest girl in the school, usually gets whatever he wants.  What makes him so effective?  Republicans are desperate, Bruce is a billionaire, and nothing is as persuasive to a desperate loser as cold hard cash.

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One thought on “Illinois’ Vichy Republicans: Tea-Party Sell-Out & Pro-Life Surrender

  1. F. Lawrence Coleman, II says:

    Thanks John for writing such a courageous article. It is this type of compromise that will eventually will be the doom of all of us. I don’t live in Illinois, so thanks for giving me heads up on this charlatan (Bruce Rauner), I will be sure to be on the look out for him and the rest of his ilk as they progress through the RINO party.

    Keep the faith!!

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