I’m Ok; You’re a White Nationalist – Pt 1

The theatrics continue!  The charge of racism, institutional or otherwise, has once again materialized. It occurred last weekend at the annual Army-Navy football game.  An Army Cadet giving an OK sign was supposedly signaling what the MSM and other Progressive literati, mistakenly interpreted as the mythical white power sign.  If you are not familiar, this piece of misinformation lavishly dispensed by the media, the OK sign is supposedly an all-encompassing symbol for “white power.” In the saner parts of our nation, the OK sign is just what it is. It is a positive symbol of recognition.  

Another long-established plebian use of the OK sign is its employment in the somewhat “testosterone-driven” Circle Game. This is where individuals flash the Ok sign, and the first person, who spots the person making the sign punches that person in the arm. Yep, you got it, it’s pretty racist stuff.  

Ironically, the mainstream media, including sports reporter on ESPN, have fallen for a prank by “4chan” who back in 2017 deliberately propagated the myth that the Ok signs were some kind of cryptic of White Nationalist symbol. When in fact, it was used to satirize the “racism is everywhere” perfidy of the far left, Liberal Progressives and many within the Democratic constituencies. 

 In their never-ending battle to paint Donald Trump and many of his voters as racists, the MSM didn’t’ care to seek-out nor develop any awareness that the entire “OK  emblem as a white nationalist sign” was an indictment of their unabashed tendency to view just about everything via the prism of America as an incurable racist country.  

Sidebar:    I guess someone should get the word out to all those immigrants, illegal or otherwise, wishing to immigrate here, that they should rethink their decision to come to such an obviously xenophobic society.  Perhaps nations like Somalia, Afghanistan, Venezuela or Mexico would be much better choices.  Too many in the Democratic Party and the MSM (one in the same entity), Donald Trump and half the country are obviously just a bunch of mean-old, climate-denying white nationalists; or in my case, not a real “black person.” 

Once again, the hoax of the ok sign or circle game as white power symbol was designed circa 2017 and dispersed over the Internet by 4chan and Project “Operation O-KKK”.  It’s original and “specific intent” was to ridicule some Americans’ obsession (mostly liberal) with calling every single thing that goes wrong in our society as racist. 

Since President Trump was attending the game, one can only hope our military academies won’t engage in the usual racial choreography, that seems to follows such events, requiring Cadets and Midshipman to attend some type of cultural diversity and sensitivity training. 

Setting aside the actual validity and/or effectiveness of cultural sensitivity and diversity training, which has established itself as the phrenology of the early 21st Century.  The hunt and elimination of unconscious, implicit and micro-aggressive racial predilections, is the biggest waste of time, energy and money, rivaling that of those intrepid seekers of Sasquatch.  

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