In America, Real Racism Is Akin To Real Poverty

Out of the shadowsThe world is coming apart at the seams. President Obama is making subservient overtures to terrorist-run governments, releasing terrorists from Guantanamo, who, in some cases, have been responsible for the deaths of Americans, and threatening, via executive fiat, to allow possibly millions of illegal aliens to become legal residents of the United States. The Islamists are slaughtering thousands of people who disagree with them, beheading Western journalists, murdering hundreds of children, selling and raping scores of women and making every effort to attain modern weaponry to increase their ability to wreak havoc. A major ISIS leader is “specifically instructing members to kill – without question and by any means necessary – civilians and soldiers in countries including Australia, France, Canada and the U.S.” Iran is still “negotiating” with the U.N. over nuclear power, all the while continuing, under cover, to develop nuclear weapons with which it plans, according to their own propaganda, to annihilate Israel.

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