Is America for Sale?

Spending Money

While the Democratic Party is investing in the coronation of Hilary Clinton as their Presidential Candidate, the Clinton Foundation with the possibility of insider trading and selling of favors by both Clinton’s has been swept under the rug.  That the Russians can own 20% of the Uranium in the USA through Clinton Foundation connections is a mystery which needs solving.  Remember when President Obama leaned over to a Russian official and intimated that once elected they could do a deal?

Hilary’s America  is an insightful film for those who can stand the truth..  It is an assault not just on the Clinton’s but the Progressive Movement which they and President Obama seem to  be the slickest purveyors.  The movie tells a truer story of how the Democrats have operated and exploited people including violating treaties and placing Native Americans on reservations to slavery to city bosses trapping immigrants in ghettos and barrios.  From its inception, the democrats are seen as denying what has been done while fostering control with patronage for their operations.    Did a look at the Clinton Foundation show as depicted that only ten percent of the monies raised went to help Haitians?  Why are we so in love with Syrian refugees and continue to ignore the plight of the Haitians at our back door where less than 10% of the money collected by Bill Clinton was given to the Haitians.. 

I find it incredulous that African Americans are jumping on board the Clinton train again especially given Hilary’s insult to Obama in his first Presidential race.  Contrary to the Cruz position, Obama played the good soldier in endorsing Clinton.  While people are incensed by the murder of young black males, have we forgotten that Bill and Hilary Clinton were engaged in promoting and fostering the three strikes you’re out law which  put countless numbers of young black males in jail leading to the insensitivity about their lives and the hypersensitivity of those of us whom she termed “super predators.” 

The unfortunate mantra about the poor and minorities is that if you want to keep something from us,put it in print for we won’t read and seek the truth on our own.  We are .being pimped by the progressive political wing for their own good and too our detriment.  The greatest lines in D’’Souza’s movie were those of Ida B. Well who was at times a one woman Republican anti-lynching advocate who said that if the 2nd Amendment were to limit individual rights, the individual would have no protections against the evil doers in our midst particularly the military arm of the then Democratic Party, the Ku Klux Klan.  A truth about Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood notes the number of clinics in minority clinics, her support of the eugenics movement which targeted the mentally ill and minorities and other efforts to determine whose life is worth fostering which wasn’t us.

The 1963 Civil Rights Bill was a watered down version of that passed by the Republican Party in 1866 with unanimous support from the Republicans and no support from the Democrats.  Even in 1963 niore Republicans voted for the bill than Democrats.  Finally  someone calls it as it was whether Jim Crow, Poll Taxes, Segregation, the Klan and so many evils inflicted upon blacks by the same Democrats offering smoke and mirrors with  their present day slight of hands which too many find appealing.

D’Sousa starts his film with his entry into jail at the hands of the Obama Justice Department’s selective enforcement because he over donated to a candidate of his choosing.  For this he spent 8 months in jail while violators of National Security such as David Patreus, Hilary Clinton and Eric Snowden have yet to grace a cell and continue to profit unquestioningly as they solidify power taking us to world control, loss of sovereignty and ineffectiveness in dealing with terror at home and abroad.  Trade Agreements such as NAFTA and those with many nations continue gutting our jobs and unchecked and unscreened immigration leaving us vulnerable to those who would do us harm.

There are none so blind as those who will not see or refuse to see the truths right before our eyes which compromise our constitutional democracy.

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