Is socialist America really what we want?

There is a huge controversy taking place in Washington, D.C., as I write this. This particular controversy has to do with the health-care plan designed to replace Obamacare. The major issue seems to boil down to “who gets what.”

As this bill is debated, we are aware of the difference in the definition of “haves” and “have-nots” in this country. That difference, however, is manifestly obvious if we travel a few miles south into Latin America. Most Latin American countries (including Mexico) are economically closed societies, with a thin crust of very rich people at the top and great mass of poor people at the bottom. Essentially, there is no middle class and no access points to the extreme wealth at the top. Wealth and position are passed down from generation to generation, and the only way to access wealth or power in large parts of Latin America is to join a revolutionary movement – overthrow the existing government, go in and steal and become the new upper crust, at least until the new revolution!

The discontent bred by the spiritual, material and physical hunger in Latin America has made these countries ripe for revolution, Marxism and dictatorships.

Move a few miles north, and you find a completely different system. In America, it’s the other way around – we have a huge middle-class, with a thin crust of rich people on top and another thin layer of “poor” people on the bottom. (Just FYI, poverty in the U.S. is the equivalent of upper middle class in two-thirds of the world.)

Federal poverty level threshold

(#Persons/Household) Income Level:

1 person = $ 11,770

2 people = $15,930

3 people = $20,090

4 people = $24,250

(The median annual household income worldwide is $9,733, and the median per-capita household income is $2,920, according to new Gallup metrics.)

Is America perfect? No. Yet, despite America’s imperfect history, it is arguably the closest thing the human race has ever produced to a modern Utopia. We have unparalleled levels of prosperity, technological advancement and scientific, medical, employment, entrepreneurial opportunities.

Let the record show, the doorway is always open for people to move from one class to another, and some have made their way right to the top, attaining millionaire status. Millionaires in North America are made practically every single day; not so in Latin America.

We call these wide open opportunities in this country “the American dream.” It is the guarantee we find in the Declaration of Independence, which says that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights” – these include life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness. We have the right to live freely and pursue whatever course of action we think will bring us that happiness, so long as we do not infringe on the rights of the sovereign individual next to us, our neighbor. No, it does not guarantee happiness – only the right to pursue it.

The challenge before us today, with a flood of undocumented immigrants (read illegal aliens) storming our borders, is whether or not we will maintain the ability of the individual to pursue individual success or abrogate these rights and rely on the government. This is the essence of socialism, and the current debate in Congress has to do with whether the individual, or the government, should be responsible for personal health care. One is socialism, and one is freedom.

Why aren’t illegals sent to the back of the line? Why are we allowing illegal aliens to stay since more than 4.4 million people are on the legal immigrant visa waiting list, according to the State Department’s annual tally?! The people on this waiting list have shown that they have a qualifying family relationship or that they have been sponsored by a qualifying employer. The list does not include those who are already in the United States waiting to adjust from a legal temporary status to a green card.”

Even though no government assistance was available to our families during my childhood, I agree that assistance could – not should – be granted in cases of extreme poverty for those born in the U.S. Illegals needing help should be sent back home to obtain their government’s assistance.

I doubt that the best way to safeguard the freedoms we enjoy in America today is to make more people dependent on the government. Isn’t that the essence of socialism: Governmental versus individual responsibility?

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