Isms and Ingrates: The cultural-political​ Taxonomy

Let’s begin this way.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Trump are not racists. Nor do they fit under the menagerie of other familiar “Isms,” that are the communication currency of so many residing on the Liberal Progressive spectrum in today’ body politics.[i]You might dislike Mr. Biden or Donald Trump for a whole host of reasons, but calling a person a racist, sexist, Islamophobic or a climate-denying white nationalist, doesn’t fit the definition. Also, President Trump isn’t against “social justice,” a horribly amorphous term parroted by Women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe, Kamala Harris (D-CA) and many within the Democrat Party. This phrase has equally lost all cogitable meaning over the past four decades, if it ever had one in the first place.[ii]

Individuals who will quickly bludgeon their political adversaries by invoking these “Isms” are not much different than those magistrates in Pre-Reformation Christendom, vociferously condemning anyone an apostate who didn’t share their misguided Christology.  Biden, Trump, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, nor the average American should not be maligned with this ugly moniker because they have a different view or socio-political canon on such hot button issues as illegal immigration,[iii]open borders, patriotism, law enforcement,[iv]nationalism and LGBTQ polity. In concert, many within the Democrat Party and the MSM (one-in-the-same-entity)[v], leftist academics, Google and the curators of some social media platforms, want us to believe that America of 2019 is somehow an incurably racist and xenophobic nation. 

 Are there racists or sexists out there? Sure, there are!  And to my “Isms-are -everywhere-fellow-citizens,” they will always exist in some fashion. Republicans, Democrats, some cacophonous Colored Women[vi], Blacks, Whites, Latinos or Asians, are all star-crossed with this human failing on occasion.  The real question, that is completely ignored by the purveyors of “racism and sexism,” is that these “isms” have very little ‘real effect’ on the socio-economic and cultural progress of many Americans today.  However, the political class, which includes both Democrats and Republicans, know that the charge of racism or sexism, no matter how specious is a political gold mine for censoring your opponent without ever having to take serious contrasting arguments on illegal immigration, policing in minority neighborhoods,’ border security, income or “outcome” inequality, Radical Islam, and a host of other complex topics. The current dust-up over President Trump’ criticism of Congressmen Elijah Cummings (D-M), which was immediately followed with charges of racism by Mr. Cummings, and unfortunately, former President Obama, was predictably tiresome. Congressmen Cummings and the Congressional Black Caucus to many Liberal Democrats no longer hold the moral high ground when they conspicuously invoke the charge of racism.  They are just boring at this point.

Trump’ criticism had little or nothing to do with the issue of race, but like any businessman, he was perturbed with the “incompetence” and focus of the Congressmen in the execution of his responsibilities for the people East Baltimore. However, for many politicians it is much easier, as well as intellectual lazy, to indict all of American Culture as systemically guilty of whatever convenient “Ism” that can be used to divide us or sustain their own political careers.

Donald Trump’s a Racist:  Yeah-right, sure!

 What is infuriating to both Democrats and regrettably far too many Republicans is, that Donald Trump takes these charges of him being a racist-sexist, homophobic, climate denying-white nationalist, Islamophobe with a big ho-hum. The political kryptonite of calling someone a racist, doesn’t have Trump falling all over himself to apologize, nor does he offer a thousand mea culpas. Unlike former Presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney, the Bushes, and most mainline Republicans, Trump doesn’t crumble and beg forgiveness from people (mostly Democrats), who seem to wallow in their little culturally hyphenated, women of color, La Raza, gender feminists, multiculturalists enclaves, waiting to be offended by God knows what.[vii]  

Not being a professional politician, Trump doesn’t adhere to these traditional identity politics “got-cha games.”  Yes, Trump can be extraordinary prickly and plebian in his interactions with friends and foes alike. But that does not make him a racist nor a white supremist.  Maybe a self-absorb, terse, coarse, and perceived to be an overly confident jerk at times; but not a David Duke, Reverend Jeremiah Wright or Lewis Farrakhan anti-Semite or racist.   Unlike most ineffective public figures, he is refreshingly direct to many of us who voted for him, “warts and all.”  

 People like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Elijah Cummings (D-MD), as well as the Congressional Black Caucus, who have spent their entire career loudly chanting the secular doxologies of race-race-race, gender-gender-gender, class-class-class will never discern or grasp Trump’s provincial polemic. He does not flinch nor does he permit people to play the “victim card.” And this is precisely what drives professional race, gender and class professionals, otherwise known as your modern-day Democrat bonkers.  It is one of the many reasons, American like myself voted for him. Trump isn’t your “say everything just right”, socio-political phony like so many within the political class.[viii]  Trump is completely unable to do “phony.” Which is an obligatory trait of many politicians both here and in the EU.  

Sidebar:{I’ve been often asked why I never voted for Obama, while later voting for the supposedly “mean-old racist Donald Trump”. Although, I had my reasons. The one thing that stood out most as a contrast between the two men, was that Donald Trump, unlike Obama actually liked our country. Also, in contrast to Obama, Trump saw no need to “fundamentally transform” our nation. Similarly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and others are just second-generational by-products, whose cultural-political DNA in Post-Civil Rights America, screams racial, gender and class discord.} 

Many in the Democrat Party and the general citizenry have drunk far too deeply from the well of cultural diversity and multiculturalism, which was the greatest Trojan horse ever introduced by the cultural left via the media, our education system and yes, the DC Establishment.  As stated in a previous article, cultural diversity and multiculturalism, are little more than balkanization and tribalism all dressed up as congeniality.  Representative Ocasio-Cortez, and her merry band of “Colored Women[ix]” have been brainwashed via the omnipresent critical race and gender theory, that has become a pathogen, making it all but impossible for many Americans to honestly communicate with one another.  For decades, people like Kamala Harris, Barrack and Michelle Obama, along with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have served as secular evangelists of this piss and vinegar view of American history and culture. Everything is viewed through the prism of America as an intrinsically racists, sexists, imperialistic, militaristic, as well as a fundamentally unfair nation. In their way of thinking, or lack thereof, racism, sexism, and class exploitation are America. Subsequently, they either outright hate this country, are apathetic or lukewarm about its accomplishments, laconic in their defense of United States at best, or campaign that the country needs to be “fundamentally transformed”, despite the good that this nation has done both here and abroad. Like most residing on the cultural left, their criticism of America seems to revolve around a culturally adolescent notion of perfection.  In their myopic forensic analysis of America socio-political history, they only pick out the negatives, and loudly decry why weren’t our founders and history faultless. 

This mind-set of the political left is similar to many of us in our adolescence years, when we experience the epiphany that our parents weren’t perfect.  It has become a psycho-pathological cottage industry among many of my baby-boomers, millennials and generation Xers to bemoan the fact that mom and dad lacked perfection.  

 A question for my “America-is-bad-and-hopelessly-xenophobic” fellow citizens and politicians. Why do so many people still wish to come to America, (legally and illegally) if we ‘re such a racist, and intrinsically unfair nation?  I don’t see people rushing to Nicaragua, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Haiti, Sudan, nor Congressional Representative IIhan Omar’s (D-MN) dysfunctional place of birth for asylum.  

Speaking of Representative Omar, or for that matter the fellow members of her “America-is-Racist All-Star Team”.  What the hell is wrong with you folks?  You received a great education, safe and secure surroundings, freedom to go anywhere you like and say anything.  These freedoms are seldom present in most third world hell-holes. Yet, you still complain of about whatever perceived “isms” or faults that “marginally” exist in this country.  Nobody is killing, torturing, and treating women like goats, as is the case in many third world Kleptocracies.  The government here doesn’t imprison nor kill gays or lesbians like in some Arab nations. You get that Megan Rapinoe!  There are countries and places that really hate your guts and would murder our fellow gay brethren and go eat their lunch without batting an eyeball. 

That is real “hate, sexisms, class exploitation and/or homophobia.  Now in their defense, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Rapinoe, Ilhan Omar, along with Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris are not racists or anti-sematic. Nor do they suffer from some latent form of reverse “isms”. They are just ingrates. They are the very definition of spoiled, pampered brats. They live in a nation that has afforded them so much freedom, even while they chose to denigrate and otherwise underscore the negatives of America.  It is a peculiar type of decadence similar to “it’s hip to reject your parents’ money”, or in this case your country, expressed by many of the Trust-Fund baby-boomers, that I attended school with back in my Stokely-Carmichael-black-militant-Democratic-hippie days. 

To paraphrase our President, they are sad, very sad individuals!

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