There is a lyric in a song by the group Smashmouth which went: “Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.” Unfortunately, it reminds me of the complete perfidy of many Republican politicians, as their Democratic counterparts run rings around them in framing or politicizing just about any issue or event facing the American people. Currently, it is the attempt by the Democrats and the media to somehow blame President Trump for his supposedly slow response to the Coronavirus. Of course, Trump is one of the few Republican politicians, who knows how to push-back on the Democratic machine in their current attempt to play the blame-card.

But I will say this. I sometimes admire the perverse expertise of the Democrats to politicize and/or exploit any tragedy or socio-cultural upheaval. To cite President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who by the way was echoing the words and strategies of such individuals as Vladimir Lenin and Paul Joseph Goebbels, “you should never let a good tragedy go to waste.  Democrats have been eating most Republicans’ lunch for decades when it comes to leveraging the politics behind, God knows whatever calamity. The first time I ever took notice of the way Democrats could row their Republican colleagues was, during hurricane Katrina which in 2005 hit the Louisiana coast and devastated parts of New Orleans. In previous decades during some of our nation’s biggest hurricanes like Hazel, Carla, Camille or Hurricane Gloria, Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan, weren’t held culpable for the response to these natural disasters. We all understood at the time, that state and local authorities bear the primary responsibility as first responders with the Feds via FEMA or earlier DC agencies, lending their assistance. Hurricanes weren’t Republican nor Democrat.

That changed drastically with Katrina. President George W Bush was blamed for the slow response to this event, and not the systemic incompetence of New Orleans’ former mayor Ray Nagin, and Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana. The response to the hurricane was skillfully parlayed by the Democrats and their media to somehow make Bush the fall guy in the tragedy that was Katrina.  To cite one social critic at the time, Bush didn’t care about black people. It was also insinuated by race-industry-entrepreneurs, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, as well as the NAACP, that Bush and his minions somehow orchestrated the levy failures, which led to the deadly flooding throughout New Orleans. It was even theorized by some, that the levies were possibly blown-up on purpose. How insensitive, dastardly and tone death to the suffering of others by Bush and the Republicans went the opus. This misinformation was adroitly used by the Democrats with help from many mainstream media pundits.  To reiterate, nobody can politicize or weaponize societal problems quite like the Democrats.[i]  

Keep this in mind during the next few weeks, as the MSM and the Democratic Party (one-in-the-same-entity) continue to ramp-up their shameless political rhetoric of that mean-old Donald Trump, not responding quickly enough to the Coronavirus.   

A Post-script:  Here is a reminder. When the Trump administration first announced the travel ban from China in late January because of the virus, Democrats (including Joe Biden) were openly critical of this move. Trump’s early actions against the virus were condemned by Democrats as xenophobic, culturally insensitive and it stigmatized the people of China. 

Geez, Louise! You can’t win with these people. It’s like playing UNO with my twin grandchildren. 

[i] See., Weapons-Grade Immigration

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  1. Bill Putnam says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Your observations in this article are completely true, and accurate. They are masters of deception. This has been the case since the beginning of time where our oldest ancestors were fooled by the serpent satan. Sometimes, but not always, the GOP gets fooled by the deceiver’s. The media in some cases assists the deceiver’s in their deceptions. Many, but not everyone is fooled by them, but everyone is affected, and inconvenienced by them. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and observations.
    Bill Putnam
    Plaistow, NH

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