Keep Race Alive!

You can tell its Presidential Election season. The Democrats are once again spinning the yarn, that racism is the signature problem facing black America in 2020. This despite the country electing a black man for President, twice. Actually, Obama is multiracial; but one cannot mention that in the interest of keeping alive the “one-drop-makes-you-black” dogma, stubbornly held unto by many African Americans.  It is precious, if not dubious heirloom from the Antebellum South. 

The country has bent over backward, to accommodate African Americans and other students of color in the area of education, by essentially providing free college, supported by a legion of Diversicrats to soothe the fragile racial psyches of these students. Also, don’t forget the benefits accrued from decades of affirmative action hiring policies. Although there have been some shortcomings in the administration of the program, that is to say, it has largely turned out to be a public policy windfall for middle-class blacks, college-educated white women, and foreign nationals with the right skin tone.[i] Nevertheless, Affirmative action still stands as an example of society, that is not irredeemably racist. 

 Moreover, think of the thousands of Black politicians elected to public office over the last 50 years, coupled with black teachers and administrators, who run many of our city schools; albeit, sometimes into the ground. Blacks are free to go anywhere in this country. Something, that was not possible, when I was a child growing up in the 1950s.  Blacks and other minorities have been omnipresent on TV and on other media platforms. Once more, this was rare prior to the Civil Rights Movement. The United States has also the world most Black millionaires, who have earned their fortunes through hard work and taking advantage of the freedoms available to all. This stands in stark contrast to many African countries, where the few millionaires they have, embezzled and killed their way via Kleptocratic governance.

You would think with all progress and opportunities for Americans, who happen to be Black, that would count for something. Even with these changes, America is still treated with a kick-in-the-privates and accused of being systemically racist; itself, a repurposed, intellectually rampant Marxist idea.  

 No matter how much good is extended to the African American community and their so-called leadership, that is, the race and fear pornographers of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and too many well-meaning but youthful idiots supporting the Black Lives Matter con, it will never be enough. Appeasement, as opposed to straight talk about the African American’s own culpability in the socio-economic stasis, that grips far too many inner-city communities, will seldom be bridged as a topic.

Of course, at the moment, the body-politic of the Democratic Party and their media, are busy YouTubing Blacks and mea culpa Liberals into believing the law enforcement, are indiscriminately killing black men.[ii]  The use of the George Floyd murder, universally condemned by law enforcement, is being exploited as exhibit A, proving that racism is at the core of everything American. Regardless of the fact, that, if you are a black man, you are more likely to be killed by your brethren, than the police.[iii]  But the truth of black on black murder has no political currency for Democrats and their easily manipulated black voter-base, who have been conditioned, to view everything through the prism of race. We see the same communal stupidity being exhibited in the current Rayshard Brooks tragedy. Despite, Mr. Brooks resisting a DUI arrest, beating the crap out of the two officers, taking one of the officers’ weapons, fleeing the scene, and shooting back at the pursuing officer, the police are being labeled the bad guys. 

It is pivotal, a secular dogma, if you will, for African Americans from all social classes to keep race or racism alive.  Predictably, far too many black folks will fall to this ruse in the upcoming Presidential election.[iv] The racism is everywhere narrative, is a cultural toxic, that seems to be embedded in the cultural DNA of many blacks.  

With help from condescending and paternalistic liberals, both white and black, aided and abetted by the pedagogic alchemy of intrinsic racism lavishly dispensed for decades, within the education systems, it is hard to see, if black underclass will ever escape this labyrinth. 

Now let’s be clear here. Are their racists out there? You bet there are; and contrary to popular belief, they come in all colors and socio-political persuasions.  And for an added benefit, they’re always going to be there. The larger question never asked or emphasized is, that these racists or socio-political outliers don’t have nearly the power to affect the fortunes or misfortunes of blacks, as they once did.  Conversely, black people have been doing a superlative job of undercutting themselves by dystopic behavior like out of wedlock births, endemic criminal comportment, and encouragement from their so-called leaders to blame the other. Hell, basic civic behavior like making an effort to pick-up miscellaneous trash in their neighborhood seems to escape their attention. [v] Talk about a fault dear Brutus way of thinking. 

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