Kill Me, But Don’t Call Me A Racist! – Part I


I was buying my morning bagel and coffee over in the university student union building went I caught on a nearby television monitor the horrific events that took place on 9/11.  Like most Americans, I went through the natural emotions of fear and utter disbelieve.  But I also remember that within the same hour, anger flooded my sensory response.  As I return to my office over in the library, I ran into a colleague who was also trying to deal with the rapidly unfolding events of Sept 11th. However, his response was quite different from my mines, and probably most normal down on the streets Americans. His single concern was not with the 3000 men, women and children literally melted and crushed alive when the Twin Towers collapse.  Like many liberal progressives that dominate academia, he was concern that this attack would bring on a backlash against Muslims in the country similar to what led to the internment of Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The backlash never happened.

Over the past few months with the recent terror attacks in France and Belgium, along with the corresponding mea culpa reaction from liberal progressives, it hit me that too many us fear being call racists, over the very real possibility of being killed by some xenophobic religious wack-job.  Their emotional politics will immediately default to the kill me, but don’t call me a racist.  Kill me, but don’t call me islamophobe.  Kill me, but don’t call me whatever the PC gods over the past forty years deem culturally insensitive.

I am married to a native born German, and we spend a lot of time visiting grandchildren and relatives over in Europe.  Since the influx of over a million Syrians and other refugees admitted to Germany by Chancellor Merkel and the ruling elite, any dissent by the everyday German citizen is met with the charge that you’re a Nazi. Like most Germans, they are concern about that a percentage of these newly arrived refugees are ISIS or radical Islamists who mean the country great harm.

This same PC ethos has silenced dissent and suspended basic survival instincts of many Americans. Despite reassurances from political leaders, we have no way of accurately vetting individuals, especially the thousands of illegals that flood our borders.

But the progressive elites of Germany, like the progressive elite here, who control too much of the news media, as well as the schools have quench or flat-out censor individuals who disagree with their unencumbered by reality worldview. In Germany and throughout Europe, the political classes in places like Berlin and Brussels has effectively use the charge of Nazism or European colonialist to bludgeon their citizens whose only concern is for the safety of their friends, family and country.

Now this doesn’t mean that there are not Nazis or racist bigots who might take advantage of the situation. There numbers can be marginalized, if the current political class here and in European would aggressively confront these terrorist groups. All of us welcome new immigrates as long as we have some idea who they are, what they believe and were their loyalties lie.

We often hear from liberal apologists, the familiar phrase that we are a nation of immigrants, and that is very true. Our immigration history and policies are laudable for the most part. But they are not a suicide pact.  Like the 9/11 terrorists who employed our own airplanes and technology against us; ISIS and other terrorist groups are using a laxed, if not broken immigration system to inflict great warm here in the homeland.

Cardism – A Pathology

Basing domestic policy on what one group of dead people, have done to another group dead people is inherently dangerous.  It is a truism that nations must learn from their past. All nation states have done things in their history that are regrettable.  Whether that be slavery, the treatment of Native Americans  or the rise of National Socialist Democratic Worker’s Party (Nazism) in the 1920 and 30’s.  However, to use this history in order to truncate the opposition against a very real and deadly enemy is a dangerous charade.

The United States is not the country of the Pre-Civil Rights Era nor is Germany or Europe dominated by various strains of fascism.  Unfortunately with rise of what is popularly referred to as political correctness; it has made Western cultures politically and culturally impotent in addressing the threat of radical Islam.

Cardism is a PC driven pathology that is a favor tool of cultural progressives both here and in Europe. The playing of the race card by progressives both here and in Germany is designed neither to build understanding nor to nurture a multicultural perspective.  It is first and foremost use is to shut people up. It is to make reasonable concerns about the survival of Western culture anathema.

As a recovering Liberal Democrat Progressive, now in my 38 year of remission, I once was a disciple of this type of fascism masquerading as tolerance. Blacks like me always employed the race card or the four hundred years of slavery non-sense to prick the sensitivity of what I have come to view as your average Mea Culpa Liberal.  People who through training or whatever indoctrination they have received through schools or the media have an intrinsic piss and vinegar view of the country and Western culture in general. The current occupant of the White House suffers from this abnormality, along with far too many Americans who voted for him.

In their loathing our faults as a nation, they ignore or simply down play the very real and murderous inclination emanating from the distorted catechesis of radical political Islam.

Mea culpa liberals do the same when they make excuses for the criminality that plagues inner city communities. They rather demonize the police with ossified charges of racial profiling.  When all of us know that it is criminal black folks who are the clear and present danger.  (see.. No Longer Elementary)

Cardism, whether here or in Europe is a pathology that leave us extremely vulnerable.  If we are to effectively confront terrorism, the political class must be willing and able to criminally profile those individuals and groups who are causing this discordance.  Once again, liberal progressives will scream racial profiling, when what they are actually dissenting against is basic common sense law enforcement.   Between the decades of the 1960 and 1990, the FBI, state and local law enforcement aggressively pursued the Italian mafia, weakening its power in society.   Rudy Giuliani while serving as a United States Attorney specifically targeted Italian American communities, because, (and this is not an epiphany), that is where Italian mafia criminals tended to hang out. If your typical liberal apologist for radical Islamists where in charge of the mafia investigations during that time period, they would have us looking for the Italian mafia in the Scandinavian-American communities of Minot, North Dakota. Radical Islamists tend to embedded themselves among law abiding Moslem Americans or German Moslem communities.

To interject, the popularity of Donald Trump, whether you agree with all that he says, (and I do not) is due to the fact that he simply states the obvious on issues like illegal immigration, and the war on terror. We need to protect ourselves and confront evil.  He might not say it with the typical political platitudes of our ineffective political class.  But he speaks for the millions of Americans who see the 700 pound gorilla in the room.

Another egregious effect of Cardism is that it makes a person, a nation susceptible to political relativism.  In the past fifteen years since 9/11, unwitting apologists of the heresy of radical political Islam, state the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.  Which is without debate true.  But at the same time is totally irrelevant.

There are over 50 Muslim countries, but very few of them denounce with any vehemence ISIS or other pretender to true Islam.   To paraphrase a friend minds who happens to be Moslem, year ago after the first attempt to take the down World Trade Center, he opined that there were lots of good Christian Germans who witness the rise of the National Socialist Democrat Worker’s Party. But in the end they didn’t make a damn’s worth of difference to millions of innocence people who perish because of Nazism.

As for myself, I have no idea of how many good Muslims there are.  Obviously, the vast majority of them just want to live their lives and prosper like the rest of us whether here or in German.  But none of this matter, if the majority of the Muslims retain their loud silence when it comes to confronting their co-religious as they conduct their holy war against all who don’t agree with their radical hermeneutics.

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3 thoughts on “Kill Me, But Don’t Call Me A Racist! – Part I

  1. adhdgrownup says:

    This guy couldn’t be more off in his assumptions & accusations of Progressives. #1. His colleague was, “like most Progressives, more concerned about the backlash on Muslims than about the 3000 who were being crushed…” His first load of crap. #2 “…. reaction from liberal progressives, it hit me that too many us fear being call racists,…” What? This is absolute nonsense. This is as spinning as it gets and, excuse me, Liberal Progressives have a fear of being called racists? No. #3. “… like the progressive elite here, who control too much of the news media, …” Who is this guy and what media is he talking about? The news media in this country is owned & controlled by Conservatives, period! You believe his lies? #4. “There numbers…were their loyalties lie.” Grammar correction professor: Their numbers….where. Might want to hire an editor before posting next time. #5. “…other terrorist groups are using a laxed, if not broken immigration system to inflict great warm here…” Think he meant “harm” but give him that as a typo. Where did he get this info? We have a very stringent, not lax, immigration system. Just an excuse to keep people out. I guess building a wall would be better. #6. “Basing domestic policy on what one group of dead people, have done to another group dead people is inherently dangerous.” Ha! Enough said.

  2. Are you crazy or has being married to a born in Germany changed you,it turn my brother into a fool.

  3. Riçhard Henrí says:

    OK. The text of the article isn’t perfect. But, as an unhyphenated American, I can still read in it the call for a rebirth of common sense in as many U.S. citizens as possible.

    My concern is that common sense may be too dead in too many Americans to be resurrected.

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