Kill Me, But Don’t Call Me a Racist, Part II


What do all the following historical events have in common?

  • The Crusades
  • The Robber Barons
  • Abu Ghraib
  • Slavery in the United States
  • Japanese Internment during World War II
  • Dresden
  • Savak and the Shah of Iran
  • My Lai
  • Bombing of Hiroshima
  • Pinochet and 1973 Chilean Coup
  • The 1953 overthrow of Mohammed Mossadeq

Answer!  They are events that the average Progressive of the post-World War II generation uses to flagellate themselves over the short comings of America.  If you ask most college graduates, especially beginning with the baby-boomer generation and their disciples (too many millennials), they indulge in a peculiar self-loathing that automatically blames America for all the world’s ills.  Obama, a disciple of this political indoctrination, reflected this same cultural neurosis in his 2009 Cairo speech.  During the speech, he engaged in the obligatory apology for colonialism and the crusades.  Although, I don’t recall how many US Troops heeded Pope Urban II’s call to free the Holy Land.

Oh, that’s right; the United States didn’t exist then!

The bombing of Hiroshima and Dresden, the events at My Lai, and Abu Ghraib are fertile topics that make the talking points in far too many liberal dominated university and secondary school curriculum.  This blame America first posture of progressives was created and sustained because intellectual diversity in the schools and the news media has steadily eroded over the past four decades. This is especially true in the humanities and social sciences where you will be hard pressed to find a truly diverse faculty.  Intellectual diversity as it now exists in the majority of institutions of higher learning spans the philosophical range of left, more left and most left.  (see….Eliminated By Dessert: Political Bias in Faculty Hiring)

Also, there are those individuals who identify themselves as moderates, which I have come to understand are just Liberal Progressives with an even bigger superiority complex.  They will pontificate that they seek to fully understand both sides of an issue. After carefully weighting the merits of each position, they then vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

In short, Progressive Liberalism is a product of postmodern and post-colonial relativism that has dominated intellectual discourse on all levels. The Progressive mind-set is mostly characterized by its tendency to stuff very complex issues of history, economics, religion and politics, into bottles labeled race, gender, and class.  Their piss and vinegar view of Western society and the United States specifically leads to a political faith-statement, a proclivity, to act as apologists for our enemies.  And there is nothing new in their way of thinking. Some of the biggest defenders of Nazi Germany in the 1930s resided in the hallowed halls of English academia and journalism.  In a similar manner, Walter Duranty, a Pulitzer winning journalist of the 1930, was famous for his ongoing man crush of Joseph Stalin.

Many of us have once again become Sept 10th Americans.   Others choose to downplay the threat of radical Islam by being censored into silence.  Being called an Islamophobe or racist trumps national security.  Still other Americans have taken the bread and circus route. They are more concerned with having the latest version of IPhone, filling out their NCAA March madness brackets, keeping up with the current leaders on The Voice, or making sure they have the right balance of steamed milk to coffee in their lattes. Remaining vigilant to guard this country’s freedom is just too retro and jingoistic.

Besides, we’re not being good world citizens, whom we all know ISIS, Red China, North Korea, Putin’s Russia, Fidel’s Cuba, Syria’s Assad and Boko Haram exemplify.

If we are to effectively confront radical jihadists both here and abroad, we must first stop fighting this “war” according to our next presidential cycle.  During the cold war, it took generations to effectively check the growth of communism.  And it took democrats like Scoop Jackson and Hubert Humphrey along with Republicans, who inherently knew that politics must be left at our shoreline when it comes to the survival of this nation.

Radical Islamists do not share Western values of separation of church and state, free speech, sex equality, peaceful coexistence, tolerance of differences. As columnist Charles Krauthammer opined in many of his commentaries, Radical Islamists are not misguided embryonic Westerners.

Americans and Europeans alike regard their religious or secularist beliefs as a “life style choice.” In most Muslim dominated countries, the reality is quite different.  Mimicking aspects of Medieval Christendom, they have a faith in a transcendent being, who some believe commands them to kill or subdue the infidel.  As a proud infidel, I say no to this type of fascism usurping normative Islam.

Back in my early college days during the Vietnam War, there was a phrase that I and many of us on the cultural left did not or better yet, could not appreciate. Adopted from Thomas Paine, it simply stated, “Let there be war in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”  It took me many years to appreciate the patriotic self-sacrifice inherent in that statement.  I don’t know whether we have enough Americans or Westerners left to fully heed its call.

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