Let’s Get to Truth About Planned Parenthood

Defund Planned Parenthood

I was talking recently with a mother (and grandmother) whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing for many years. We were discussing the Planned Parenthood news story, and I asked her to tell me, from her perspective, how she viewed it. The essence of our conversation is as follows:

She looked carefully at me to determine if I was serious, and then she said: “As I have been following news coverage the last few months regarding Planned Parenthood’s true unveiling, I find that as a woman and a mother, I’ve become more concerned than ever before about the fundamental mindset of a large majority of women in America. I’ve lived long enough now not to be fooled by the propaganda surrounding this travesty, so as I look at the truth of this situation, I wonder – what in the name of God have we become?”

I said, “I have listened to narcissistic baby-parts peddlers, male and female talk show hosts, news pundits of every persuasion, senators on investigating committees, etc., ad nauseum. They discuss Planned Parenthood as if it were a vital solution to the countless needs that ‘poor, helpless women’ have regarding their bodies … and the bodies of their ‘fetuses’ (aka ‘babies’). Is there not a gynecologist office left in America to meet women’s medical needs?”

After a short pause, she responded, “Everyone is arguing over the travesty of harvesting and selling dead, partially dead, or living baby parts ‘for profit.’ It’s mind-bending. The conversation has become so inane (definition: silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, asinine, frivolous, vapid, childish, puerile, dumb, moronic, daft) as to be downright stupefying to those of us who are grieved about one thing … we are killing our children by the millions with no guilt, no restraint, no conviction, no sanity, no soul.” What has happened to women in America?! How did we get here? How can we mindlessly destroy a life – a human being – somewhere between lunch and dinner and then casually head out to work the next day as though we didn’t do what we just did?”

I commented, “Well, it sure seems handy for the women who defend Planned Parenthood that they themselves are living, breathing human beings whose mothers could never have imagined that the obliteration of their baby was some ‘constitutional right’ that they should fight to the death to defend. I wonder how they would have enjoyed being an inconvenient ‘fetus’ in their mother’s womb? It is more than a rational mind can process.”

She continued, “This mentality has, little by little, become the norm for far too many women in this country since abortion became law. And look at where we are today decades after that tragic decision. It is more than frightening; it is depraved, it is heart breaking – and it is our greatest national disaster. It is not about misdirected taxes, it is not about women’s rights, it is not about ‘choice’ (a misnomer if there ever was one) and it is most certainly not about Planned Parenthood employees casually discussing over lunch what price to place on a dead child’s body.”

She paused, looked down for a moment, then looked up at me and said: “This is about our moral compass – and our lack of fear of the God of heaven who gifted women with the greatest of all gifts … the creation of a new life. God help us to see the truth, for what becomes of a nation whose women vanquish the innocent?”

I couldn’t help but be reminded of something I had read in the Book of Psalms: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (139:13).

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