Liberals Announce Plan to ‘Purge’ Christians

Purging ChristianityThey were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise. In a recent column titled, “Why Are They Called ‘Homofascists’? Here’s Why,” I wrote that “progressive,” “Christian-hating fascists” – but I repeat myself – are “hell-bent on criminalizing Christianity and pushing to the fringes anyone who publicly acknowledges natural human sexuality and the age-old, immutable institution of legitimate marriage as created by God.”

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  1. Zacanius says:

    Now a question: Is this really about Christianity or just about homosexuality?

    1. Jon Campbell says:

      Is you question designed to enlighten yourself, or do you fancy yourself the great teacher, and ask this question to share your superior brainpower and morality with the rest of the world? It is quite obviously about both.

  2. zaunde says:

    I do have to wonder about your understanding of biology. What is your position on children born with an intersex condition (ambiguous genitalia, neither male nor female)? Should they be surgically made into a boy or a girl as soon as possible? Should they be left as God saw fit to make them? Do you prefer a third option, and if so, what?

  3. Tony Marcus says:

    As someone you would no doubt categorize as a liberal, I’m not especially comfortable with someone’s private views affecting their professional life. On the other hand, the idiocy in this article is palpable. This is not in any sense a free speech issue, for example. Those calling for Eich’s ouster were in fact using their first amendment rights, just as Mr. Barber is doing in writing this article. If you believe that a person’s personal beliefs and politics should have no bearing on his treatment in the workplace, then I look forward to your upcoming article on how Senator Joseph McCarthy and HUAC and their supporters ruined countless lives back in the 1950s by establishing blacklists and forcing the firing of many total innocents. Next, to insist that one can’t be a Christian and believe in same sex marriage is absurd. Yes, you can find a couple of old testament citations condemning homosexuality. You can also find such citations speaking in favor of slavery and wife beating…does that mean that all true Christians are abusive slave owners?? To the best of my knowledge, Jesus never said one word about homosexuality. If you want to pick and choose beliefs from the Jewish texts and then claim that you can only be Christian if you agree with them, your rational processes are a bit twisted.

    1. jabcat says:

      Romans 1 is in the New Testament to the church – those saved and renewed/reformed through belief in Jesus as Savior. “men lying with men”, “women leaving the natural”..”burning in lust for one another”…”receiving unto themselves the due penalty of their error” [consequences/judgment]. Also Jesus did say what marriage is. Do you believe the New Testament?

      1. Tony Marcus says:

        Romans 1 would be Paul speaking, not Jesus. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. Are you saying that Paul was not an apostle, but was rather God himself speaking? This would be the same Paul who never even met Jesus, the same Paul who set up many of the strictures of the church that run contrary to what seems to me to be Jesus’ message of tolerance and love.

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