Musings of a Colored Person

Oops, I meant Person of Color. At least that is what most of us have been taught in Post-Civil Rights America. I believe it was back in Seattle during the 1970s while attending what would be one of many mind-numbing cultural sensitivity workshops, that I first heard the term “People of Color.”  Although, my first reaction was that it sounded much like the phrase Colored People, which was used in my youth to identify Black Americans.  From similar workshops over the years, concepts like a cultural mosaic, multiculturalism, cultural diversity, cultural imperialism, phallic genetic oppression, micro-racism/aggression, environmental racism, cultural appropriation, a culture of misogyny, were uttered almost daily by the MSM, academics, Democrats, and others who traded in such expressions.

 I woke up at 3:37 AM this morning to grab my legal pad which I keep nearby. I wasn’t beset with visions of sugar plums, nor the inscrutable mysteries surrounding the purpose of the National Urban League. However, I was perturbed that the so-called cultural divide that has come to the forefront, has been conveniently blamed on, Republicans, Conservatives and a potpourri of Americans that Hillary Clinton labeled deplorable.

More troubling, the cultural left along with the liberal media (an oxymoron) have laid this devolution at the door of Donald Trump, whom they have designated a possible Hitler protégé.

Ok, I get it! I can’t do much about what anyone (especially liberal Democrats) believes about who bears the blame for the fracturing and socio-political vitriol that exist.  But in reality, this has been in the making for quite some time, and according to Democrats, the usual suspects causing all of the societal rancor are those dastardly irredeemably evil reprobates, known as Republicans; and more to the point, the latent racism that undergirds modern Conservatism.

We hear it all the time from the media as well as politically lethargic, if not low information voters that are a stable of the Democrat constituency. There is no doubt about it, nothing Liberal Democrats and the cultural left has pursued over the past five decades contributed to the toxic milieu that has truncated civil discourse. But, if the path to hell is indeed paved with good intentions, then modern day Progressive Liberalism bears a lot of the responsibility. As a country, we did slouch into this swamp, partly by mistake, but mostly by design.

After a half-century, having bartered in various forms of applied tribalism, group balkanization under the banners of cultural diversity and the more significant catechesis of identity politics, Democrats are unquestionably at fault for these chickens.  It is no wonder that here in 2018, we are divided so much along the lines of race, politics, class, and gender. This peculiar flu has been lavishly spread via the MSM, politicians in both political parties and in a stroke of Gramscian genius, through the education system.

I’m black; you’re white.  I am a woman, hear me roar. Give me my all black dorms. I’m a proud Latino, not an American.  The founding fathers were just a bunch of evil, slaveholding white guys. We need more Black, Chicano, and First Peoples Studies Programs.  The alchemy is known as white privilege[i] being copiously dispensed by brilliant academics; all contribute to dividing us as a nation. Caped off with eight years of the Obama administration and his non-stop prattling about the “rich not paying their fair share”. Coupled with his lack of support for law enforcement via the obligatory leftist dogma that the police are the most significant threat to black men[ii]. Much of what President Obama, along with his Attorney General, Eric (Enforce only the Laws that I Like) Holder, was hardly the stuff of hope and change.

Nearly thirty years ago, I penned an article in American Libraries[iii] questioning the long-term effects of Affirmative Action policies in employment and education.  Although it made me persona non-grata in the world of librarianship, preference policies have also contributed to the divisions we see today.

Even the current “Me Too Movement” although laudable for its bringing attention to “serious allegations” of sexual criminal behavior, like in the case of Larry Nassar. It has the potential of dissolving into a “Me Too, not you” hysteria continuing the fracturing of the nation along gender lines.  It has already having men and women walking on eggshells, inevitably blurring the difference between real sexual harassment and criminal misconduct, and common everyday interactions between women and men.

This is precisely the unhealthy societal ethos steering gender issues that Christine Hoff Sommers warned against over two decades ago in her book Who Stole Feminism.  With no apologies, radical or what Sommers coined “Gender Feminism”, can distort the Me Too Movement, to further demonize all men. At the same time, Radical (Gender) Feminist can strut merrily along promoting their most sacred of sacraments, which is abortion. Excuse me, I meant a women’s right to choose.

Here is another discordant thought, I’ve been tossing around for decades. Who in the hell hyphenated us?  I used to be Colored or a Negro.  Then we became Afro-Americans, then African Americans with our history month, along with Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage celebrations. At the same time, it became obligatory to denigrate or otherwise piss on the people and events that made this country great, by only emphasizing the pejoratives in our history.

Cultural diversity (tribalism or racism under new management) became all the rage. Despite the fallacy of trying to mandate or legislate tolerance from others, we all should have known that it is but a short trip between prescribing specific human behaviors and the emergence of some form of Utopian fascism.[iv]  Despite what our intellectual betters have told us, historically, the real gateway drug to an authoritarian and fascist society has always come from goofy, but very dangerous leftist, socialist or statist philosophies.[v]

In short, it’s not Trump who bears the blame for the current state of affairs. It is the metastasizing of progressive left and Post Humphrey Democratic social engineering that is the progenitor. But of course, Democrats will never be blamed, or at the very least see how their social and political engineering experiments, will continue to spin our nation in the wrong direction.

Ok! I’ll be quiet now.

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  1. William S. Putnam says:

    Mr. Hall, Your excellent article should be required reading at all “institutions of ‘higher’ learning”. God bless you sir!!

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