No Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zones

In a recent Fox News Sunday segment, Mike Wallace (no relation) asked about the recent shooting in Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. Specifically, he asked about the President’s response to the shooting and most agreed that the president was vague about his call for more “common sense” gun laws. They also agreed that it wouldn’t be just Republicans who’d probably oppose whatever gun laws that would come from the Federal level. In other words, this is not a partisan issue. Obama can’t blame Republicans for blocking more gun legislation. Plus, there happens to be a document that prevents the more draconian ideas about gun confiscation or obstructions to gun ownership. It’s called the U.S. Constitution, and the second amendment, which protects gun ownership.

What troubled me the most about the conversation was that no one on the panel had an answer for how to reduce the number of mass murders by guns, at least those that are not attributable to gang violence. Just ask yourself, what do all these mass murders have in common? What do the community college, the Colorado theater, High schools, and New Town elementary school have in common? They are all designated gun free zones. They are the very places where the law-abiding citizens disarm themselves and are thus sitting ducks for the criminally minded—those intent on causing death and destruction.

Common sense says, let’s stop disarming the general public in the public square and allow those who want to carry a gun to do so. Thus, when a crazed person or terrorist wants to commit mass murder he/she will be confronted with a host of people armed and prepared to target that person for destruction before they can get a second shot off. It’s not the limiting of guns that will stop gun violence, but the proliferation of responsible gun owners who are proficient with their weapon.

Gun free zones don’t protect anyone. They are actually killing zones for anyone who wants to commit mass murder. They openly tell the deranged that the people at this location are helpless to defend themselves. Therefore you can shoot, maim and wreak havoc until the police arrive, which by the time it’s called into the police department, dispatched to police officers and their actual arrival on the scene—the damage has already done.

Mr. President the only common sense guns laws are those that allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, their neighbors, and friends from deranged people who want to commit mass murder. Outlaw gun free zones and mass murders will decrease.


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