Obamacare: Latinos Aren’t Buying It

individual_article_obamacareEvery Thursday, my daily live radio show (The Harry Jackson Show) focuses on health. During the past year, discussions with health and fitness experts have revealed that there is no easy fix to being healthy. The government can’t legislate it and so it is amazing how much weight has been put into Obamacare as the one-stop-shop for health and wholeness. And the cookie cutter formula is to be inclusive of all people, no matter their health history or ethnic origin. It is no wonder that the initial sign up for Obamacare has been underwhelming.

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  1. Doug says:

    congress must fully repeal democrat care they all vote for it,So put there name on it.And defund, Repeal, Abolish and roll back every thing Obama and the democrats put in place.

  2. Doug says:

    Why would Lations go for democrat care when They know it’s a failure.And one thing i don’t understand is why do they support illegal immigration,When they pay little taxes.compare too how much they send home .crime,700 hundred thousand in prison drugs,diseases, DWI is out of hand with the illegals. That effect all of us.You believe in the constitution or you don’t.The democrat party don’t care as long as they get votes. Just as they destroy black family.They will destroy the lations just just for power .

  3. Rodtfactor says:

    Most Hispanics are people of faith and tend to live better than non-Hispanic whites and they tend to be more family oriented and have a network of people that can help them where white Americans seem to have gone into a me-alone-without-God attitude. Better health for the believer than the non believer.

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