Obamas Send Wrong Messages

Two weeks ago, President Obama launched an initiative called My Brother’s Keeper.

As a part of this initiative, he signed a presidential memorandum establishing the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, chaired by Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson.  The task force will help determine what public and private efforts are working and how to expand upon them, how the federal government’s own policies and programs can better support these efforts, and how to better involve state and local officials, the private sector, and the philanthropic community in these efforts.

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  1. John Whittingon says:

    with Obama, the right hand knows not what the left is even contemplating !!!!

  2. De says:

    With the Obamas right is wrong and wrong is right. Just like the democrats when the democrats accuse the Republicans of doing something, you can bet it is actually the democrats doing it or going to do it.

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