Pitch Imperfect

During my adolescent years, when my friends and I got into one of our occasional scraps, we would call one another Niggers, Wopps, Crackers, Beaners, Jungle bunnies, Spics, Japs, stupid Ricans, or dump ass Polacks and many other colorful ethnic pejoratives.  In the obligatory tussles with our German friends over in St Boniface Parish, we always managed to do our very best Sergeant Saunder’s, calling them damn Krauts.  Those were the days, before PC and the pernicious chauvinism of identity politics. Yeah, I must admit those weren’t our best moments as friends in the 1950s and 60s.  And of course, the situation in segregated South during this same time period was an abomination to many of us, despite our sometimes less than perfect ethnic semantics.

Yet a characteristic of how we interacted was that even with these shortcomings, we remained best of friends, notwithstanding the occasional punch to the head.  Looking back on it, we were left to work things out among ourselves. Everything didn’t become the stuff of an ACLU, discrimination, or Civil Rights investigation. No one tried to mandate cultural sensitivity, which today’s multicultural experts don’t see is just another form of censorship and intimidation.  We all knew intuitively, unlike diversity advocates, that shutting people-up doesn’t build anything, much less real tolerance.  We didn’t go running to the Federal government for “every” redress. We certainly wouldn’t have called for a national referendum, much fewer laws against bullying.  We used Apple Jacks back then.

Yes, it was tough, and not the formula picked by contemporary multicultural quacks, purveyors of identity politics, and racially sensitive Democrats. But it worked!  Quite honestly, it is the single reason why today, just on the southside 70 years of age, I tend to trust Conservatives or just plain PC adverse Americans. Conversely, your average culturally sensitive, pure of racial epitaphs liberal and too often Democrat, I’m more cautious of. Actually, I don’t trust liberals or most Democrats at all.  I guess I need to work on my trust issues. Maybe?

Many Democrats and most liberals I have learned over the years, really only like black people, Latinos, and other designated oppressed minorities as “ideas.”  In most cases, these same liberals live as far away as they can from their supposed “beautiful multicultural mosaic”.  They don’t have to send their children to inner-city schools, nor live with the noise and inappropriate civil behavior that is a permanent feature in less affluent urban areas. [i] Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is person’s right, plus a good thing to want to live in the best neighborhoods were criminality is not so omnipresent. And certainly, all of us want to afford our children with the best schools possible.  My problem with liberal Democrats is that they will quickly lecture you on cultural tolerance and speak your mind about detrimental behaviors in many minority groups when they conveniently don’t live near the discord.  They adopt a peculiar Bonhoefferian “grace on the cheap” posture in their pontifications concerning race, cultural diversity (i.e., Tribalism with a Smiling Face), or intercultural tolerance.

From Calexico and Turlock, California to Brownsville and Lubbock, Texas, places that I have lived and worked, the people who were the biggest supporters of open borders and illegal immigration were those who didn’t really have to live with the results of their altruism. They were very magnanimous because it cost them so very little.

Tommy Schmidt, Pete Cocomaggio, Julio Vicente, Cornetta Martinez, Billy Davis (his mom, a native Japanese), Chet Malinowski, and that mic, James O’Dea, were kids, and now lifelong friends who I know would tear off the heads and crap down the throats of anyone who was really a racist.  To this day, and this is not hyperbole, I would trust any one of these pc defective friends of mines with my life and that of my six children, more than the diversity devotees that make-up the modern-day liberalism.

In retrospect, this is one of the many reasons why so many of us voted for a non-politician like Donald Trump.  We were just fatigued with your typical say-everything-just-right politician, that infest both the Democrat and Republican Parties. The polite, risk adverse, and phony social filters aren’t there for Trump.  In short, Donald Trump reminds me a lot of the guys I grew up with the 1950s and 60s. Yes, he’s rough around the edges and in your face. I also must admit to a billionaire rich guy, he can be a bit more plebeian in his polemics, especially when compared to the latent patrician attitudes of Progressive Liberal Democrats. But he is not a racist. Nor is he a Hitler protégé, because he dared use the phrase “law and order.”  To many Americans of the Democratic persuasion, Trump’s law and order comments made him a Nazi in training, or at the very least, an unabashed evangelist of the Church of White supremacy.

Calling people who you politically disagree with a racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, climate denying Islamophobe are familiar tools within the Democrat political arsenal.  This is a shame, as well as dangerous, because someday you may very well meet someone who really fits into the nomenclature.

And yes, Trumps most recent comments concerning Haiti and some African immigrants say more about the racial prism that his opponents (i.e., liberal Democrats) see “everything” through. But projection is a favorite, if not belabored device of the cultural left.[ii]

Individual like Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Diana Feinstein (D-Cal ), John Lewis (D-Ga),  Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal),  the Al Sharptons, academics, many of their students, marinated in the heresy of critical race-theory and identity politics, must pause and take the red pill.

If everything and everyone is a racist or Hitler, a form of cultural anomie will continue to fester.  Many on the left, which includes our former President, have drunk deeply from the well of identity politics. As a recovering Progressive Liberal Democrat now in my fourth decade of remission, it is sad to see that many well-meaning Americans have been infected by this cultural toxin.

In regards to Trump, he is an “American” whose pitch will always be imperfect.  In my sojourns to the European continent over the past ten years, when I am not too busy doing my very best ugly American routine, I tried to no avail to explicate the principles of American conservativism. With the election of Donald Trump and the full court press by the progressive media here and over in the EU; it is all but impossible to get individuals to see there are method and purpose behind Trump’s way of leadership.

It has been my observation, that most Americans (Liberal Democrats) visiting the EU can’t wait to trash the very country that has given them so much, just to curry favor with their European Progressive Liberal counterparts. But to many of us, Donald Trump is just what this country needs beyond the politically astute and erudite European or Canadian utopians that masquerade as leadership in Western societies.

[i] See., Boy, Pick that up

[ii] See., Race Matters: Especially to Democrats

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