Race Matters: Especially to Democrats

It’s simply a matter of projection. A prism in which many who identify themselves as Democrats view American society. From the college educated, to the Black Lives Matter cabal, the psycho-social filter that they scrutinize issues pertaining to race is mired in this peculiar form of political murmuration.

In a recent interview Hillary Clinton conducted with the BBC, one of the many excuses she employed to explain her loss to Donald Trump was that he indirectly employed the race card via the apocryphal “dog whistle.”  That is an unspoken racist device that supposedly Republicans, Conservatives, and anyone she designated as deplorable uses to tweak the inner racist, anti-Latino, or Islamaphobe that exists in anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

In Post-Civil Right America, Democrats have found this particularly effective in truncating open discussion on a host of concerns from illegal immigration, law enforcement in the Black community, confronting Radical Islam, gender, race and voter id legislation.

The truth is, if anyone uses race to manipulate a population, the Democrats have long ago mastered the art form.  From the black vote, in which they can always garner over 90%, to many Latinos who are gradually becoming enculturated into the race based politics of the Democrat Party. The real practitioners of racial discord are those who have bartered in this form of parochialism for many decades.  What was once defined as tribalism, group balkanization and racism, now comes under the rubrics of cultural diversity, multiculturalism, identity politics, and calls for social justice for groups lucky enough to obtain the coveted most favored victim status.

Many well-meaning Liberal Democrats have become a partner to, if not a devotee of, what is simply a neo segregationist philosophy. A catechesis that is poisonous to society cohesion.  It has become a psycho-cultural accessory that many within the Democrat constituency can’t live without.

If Americans haven’t been paying attention over the last half century, our schools and universities, politicians, black, Latino and white, the MSM are the evangelists of the political dog whistle.

Blacks in particular have been encouraged to view all of their problems as caused and exasperated by a malignant racist ethos.  The charge of institutional racism so often repeated by black politicians, college academics, liberal journalists who dominate the MSM, has become the argument du jour that distorts their perceptions of anyone posing resistance, or have a different take on issues of race, open borders, law enforcement in minority communities, or radical Islam.

The now ubiquitous protest during the national anthem by NFL players and the response by many of us to just tune them out, is interpreted by many left of center Democrats as racist or some sort of latent animosity toward blacks. In reality, the unspoken subtext driving the anger many Americans such as myself feel is that we don’t like to see the flag nor anthem denigrated by “anyone.”  We just want to watch a damn football game without being lectured via some sort of political theatre which the “Take-a- Knee” crowd want to stuff down our throats.  There’s no hidden agenda or dog whistling psychosis calling forth the inner David Duke in Conservatives. If the truth be told, the people who have made the lease progress in race relationship since the 1970 have been blacks!

Blacks have been encouraged by many liberal democrats including Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus, to nurture angst, suspicion, and the ossified view that America is a systemically racist culture.  Race matters more to blacks in Post-Civil Rights America because quite frankly blacks haven’t had to examine their own myopic racial filters. Events like Ferguson, the Freddie Gray fiasco in Baltimore, the election of Donald Trump, the breakdown of civil society in places like Chicago and Detroit, are proof positive to many within the Black community that America is an apartheid like culture.[i]

To paraphrase the late Marshall McLuhan, too many of us rush head long into the future, while steadily keeping both eyes fixed on the rear view mirror.  The past went that-a-way for far too many African Americans from all social classes.

However, the secular heresy of institutional racism (a Marxist construct) has been the most damaging elixir ingested by the African American community.  It has siphoned off needed energy to address real evils that retard their socio-economic progress. The epidemic of black-on-black violence, out of wedlock child births, the breakdown of the black family, lack of civil or individual responsibility,[ii] welfare dependency, all fed by a pervasive victim culture that the Democratic Party and its political disciples (NAACP, NAN, Urban League) are the real culprits feeding the failures manifested in the black underclass.[iii]  Combine this with the decades of peer-reviewed quackery emanating from African American/Black Studies Programs, these factors and more have negatively amortized the future of many within the underclass.

Concurrently, the spectacle of spoiled NFL millionaires, college educated young people, and “Mea Cupla Democrats” focusing their time and energy on made-up evil, adds little to the conversation on race.[iv]   In the same matter, the bellicose Democratic movement seeking to remove Confederate statuary and flags is another example of the left attacking soft targets or politically low hanging fruit.  Going apoplectic over Civil War monuments and flags that have been there in plain sight for over a hundred years, helps no one. It will only serve to further fracture our society. The purveyors of these ancillary “social justice” demonstrations have completely miscalculated the social cost benefits of their protests on American society.

But I guess confronting real evil that actually hurts the African American poor is far more difficult a task, than taking a knee during the Anthem or beating-up statues of old dead white guys. 

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4 thoughts on “Race Matters: Especially to Democrats

  1. William Travers says:

    What kind of a mirror is a “rare” view mirror? Is it hard to find, or under cooked? Likewise, I have yet to see a “statute” of a dead white guy, although I have seen many statues of dead guys, both black and white No criticism; things like this just seem to jump off the page at me.

    1. William S. Putnam says:

      Mr. Travers, May I suggest that you appear have a problem overlooking a few typo’s, and misspelled words, while overlooking a well written informative piece of information on racial politics in the USA today. Please read the article again to benefit from the wisdom of the information contained therein. Please try to overlook the typo’s, If possible.
      William Putnam

  2. William S. Putnam says:

    Great article Patrick, I learned much from your obvious wisdom, and understanding of racial politics. Thank you so much for sharing. A suggestion for future articles: turn on your spell checker. Some people are distracted by silly unimportant things. God bless you, Bill

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