SNAFU: Can Our Military Be Saved?

MilitaryFor five hundred years Ancient Rome was the world’s only major superpower. Although the Empire showed signs of weakening as early as the fourth century, that Rome could ever fall was inconceivable to Romans and their enemies alike. Yet by A.D. 500, Roman power was only a memory, and Germanic barbarians had taken the “Eternal City” for their own.

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  1. Al Lassiter, Sr. says:

    Most regretfully, many of our leaders seem not to understand that the military is not a civilian institution! The military mission demands consistent unity. Homosexuality in the
    military is an element that disrupts the military on every front: recruitment, retention,

    good order and discipline, and command initiatives. DADT was bad enough; but open
    homosexuality unleashes many, many negative and injurious organizational factors into
    the military’s ability to do its job. I served 32 years from Viet Nam to the 90s. I’m aware
    that some military members in my experience were probably homosexual. But, they did
    not reveal such tendencies on duty, and continued to serve honorably. The above

    assault statistics are just a beginning indicator of the downward spiral of our military.

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