Something Frightening Happening In America


As I watched the latest Republican “debate” last week (and I use the term loosely) and heard the responses from the candidates for the highest office in the land – men supposedly debating plans for the future of America – I must confess I was somewhat anguished. Rude interruptions, smart aleck responses, accusations and even vulgar references left me wondering what on earth I was witnessing and why I had spent two hours in front of my TV. It was an egregious spectacle. As I reflected on it, I was reminded of a column I wrote several years ago along this line of thought.

The current set of problems in America exists primarily from the usurpation of power at the national level because of the abdication of personal responsibility at the local level.

We are experiencing – because we (the public) have allowed it – massive changes within our society and the societal mores on which the American republic rests. We must learn what that means, how to survive it and that traditional values can still be taught in an unfriendly and anti-morality society. A free society without moral underpinnings cannot continue to survive, but will, in fact, as with any structure that lacks foundational support, implode. Ask ancient Rome.

Something frightening is happening in America today – more and more the traditional foundations are being destroyed. People without moorings (a stable traditional family, a sense of personal self-worth and concrete moral values) are being swept away by a new wave.

A new U.S. government report shows huge increases in the incidences of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, up 42 percent and 25 percent respectively. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, on college campuses, “Christian groups are considered religious, whereas Muslim or Hindu groups are considered cultural.” We see this regularly on high-school and college campuses, as well as in recent attacks on a national holiday, Christmas.

This new wave, based on New Age values, seeks demassification – the breaking into smaller groups – of the culture, its values and its Judeo-Christian morality. It seeks to substitute new belief systems and multi-ethnic/distinct national, linguistic, socio-cultural groups for the existing, traditional “one nation, under God, indivisible …” concept.

Traditional concepts such as male and female, married couples (consisting of one man and one woman), father and mother (consisting of a male and female) have come under constant attack and perhaps will become the periphery. Gendercide may soon become part of the modern-day lexicon. The book “Unnatural Selection” by Mara Hvistendahl contends that “parental preference” is the reason for the aborting of more than 160 million female fetuses worldwide since the late 1970s. According to some reports, gendercide is the leading cause of death of females in the U.S.

According to Robert Tyler (Advocates for Faith and Freedom), gender liberation may very well become the new phrase in the next wave in elementary school education. Tyler explains, “gender liberation means that male/female distinctions must be eliminated in order to ‘liberate’ children from unnecessary stereotypes.” This is not about equal rights but “eliminating the natural distinctions between male and female.” The order of the day will be “anything goes” and “diversity” – at all costs.

There will be a great hue and cry for the demassification of society. No longer will there be the current concept of a morality of the majority, but there must be equal minority groups and court-enforced diversity. Left-leaning futurists from their ivy-covered glass towers will wax eloquent about the need for direct democracy (which is mob rule), more diversity and greater representation for all minority groups, including enforced sexual orientations. This will come at the expense of national tranquility and is all based upon some hopeful, utopian, humanistic misconception that relies on the innate goodness of mankind.

Decency was once a watchword, but decency does not communicate morality without impartial standards. This new wave seeks, and is resulting in, a giant, unresponsive, socialist-leaning bureaucracy that would replace individual responsibility with the state. The state would thus become the master and, consequently, assume the responsibility for implementing, directing and ultimately controlling collective behavior. (Remember, one of the candidates running for president is a self-confessed socialist.)

Restoring individual responsibility and requiring citizens to be involved in issues that affect them can offset the need for large bureaucracies. For example, laws that would affect long-standing public conduct (civic, social and moral standards) would require informed public participation, an expression of concern by individuals authentically caring about their fellow citizens, not merely by judicial decree or government mandate.

The founding documents of America presupposed such action. Individuals are created as living beings of worth, personal value and significance, in the image and likeness of a righteous and loving God. The founders assumed and anticipated the citizenry and their public servants would treat one another accordingly.

The time is long overdue to return to the dignity and loftiness of our calling as children of God in His great gift to us – our American republic.

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  1. Riçhard Henrí says:

    This day has been coming for a long time.

    A God forsaken country America is not.

    A God forsaking country America is, dashed to bits by the hyphen (xxxxx-American) of the fourth estate.

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