State of Emergency: The Black Leadership Crisis of Washington, D.C.


The conduct demonstrated by Congressional Democrats at this year’s State of The Union Address was deplorable and sad. But it was mainly troubling in the way that it revealed to the conscious black community the sorry state of leadership that we have elected and sent to Washington, DC to represent the interest of Black Americans and their communities.

This year, as President Donald Trump delivered his annual State of the Union address in our nation’s capital, he did so before probably the most divided and contentious congressional chamber than any previous American president has had to enter.  There was so much acrimony and partisan bitterness in the room that even points of good news that should have been celebrated by every American were met with indifference, apathy, and even disdain. Democratic members of the House and Senate who apparently would rather die than give this president any credit for some pretty amazing accomplishments in his first year.  Some even chose to forgo attending the historic speech altogether, as if it would be too much for them to sit and listen to this president outline good things for the American people that took place under his watch.  How sad is it when good news for Americans becomes terrible news for Democrat elected officials?  How sad, indeed.

No group’s juvenile behavior was more conspicuous on that night than the infamous band of black legislators known as the Congressional Black Caucus.  This group of 49 black congressmen and senators, most of whom instead of seeking a way to work with a new administration that has communicated a sincere desire to find specific ways to help the black community, have chosen for strictly emotionally driven political reasons to resist Donald Trump. At every turn, at the expense of pursuing what’s right and profitable for black Americans, they fight against the interest of the very people they were sent to Washington to serve.

Instead of getting over their petty racial sensibilities and working with a president, who has offered real solutions to long-ignored problems in the black community, black legislators have chosen instead to stage a childish protest, decline White House invitations, and continue serving as useful idiots. They have become the pawns of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who care nothing for the black community beyond what is necessary for them to continue getting Democrats elected by us. Democrats know that even though they have done almost nothing politically to improve the lives and fortunes of black people who continue to lag behind in virtually every measurable demographic, they will continue to get nearly all of our votes, no matter what.  How sad that the feckless resolve of the Congressional Black Caucus remains to empower Democrats to treat Black American citizens with such casual disregard.

The lack of compassion and genuine concern for the community that they are supposed to represent manifested itself clearly for all of America to see. The way that the Congressional Black Caucus refused to even publicly celebrate the fantastic news at The State of the Union of the black unemployment rate hit an all-time low under President Donald Trump.  Down from a whopping 16.8% in March of 2010 under President Barack Obama, the unemployment rate in December of 2017 had fallen to a record 6.8%, with even better numbers projected as a result of the massive tax cut and reform initiative recently signed by the president.

At a time when members of the CBC should have been standing, applauding, and giving each other high fives over this encouraging news for their black constituents, most of these partisan hacks chose to sit on their hands and frown at what they perceived were their political misfortunes.  How selfish of them to value their party over their people.  Would they have been happier if things had gotten worse for an already struggling black community if it had served to discredit Donald Trump further?

The dynamic economic news represented in falling unemployment, rising wages, record-breaking stock market, and a strengthening business environment is terrific news for the black community. It represents our best hope to lift our people out of poverty and despair through more significant economic opportunities and to deliver them from the crippling effects of government dependency that the CBC continues to peddle as our best hope.

A growing economy and jobs are no doubt the best way to help poor people to escape poverty.  By contrast, the Democratic choice of government-run policies designed to alleviate poverty in America has been a dismal failure by all accounts.  Since 1966, U.S. taxpayers have spent over 20 trillion dollars in poverty reduction programs, only to see the poverty rate decrease by a little more than one percentage point.  When President Johnson launched his War on Poverty program in 1965, the poverty rate in America was 14.7%.  Today, after 53 years of pursuing the policies the Congressional Black Caucus continues to champion for black America, whose poverty rate at 13.5%.

Why on earth would black legislative leaders continue to promote and pursue the failed policies of the past instead of finding a way to get on board the hot American economic engine that is currently being stoked by a pro-growth administration led by Donald Trump? Are they going to defend allowing petty personal differences to block discussion with the White House that could open up increased access to the flowing economic rivers for the people they pretend to care for and represent?

Recently, the Latino Coalition met with Vice-President Pence to discuss entrepreneurship and economic development among Hispanics in America, and to discover ways that they could work with the administration to increase what is already a record-breaking surge of Hispanic business development in America.

In an address that immediately followed that meeting with the Latino Coalition, the Vice-President praised the efforts of the Latino Coalition and highlighted their impressive accomplishments by saying:

“The fact is that Hispanics are driving entrepreneurship and economic growth like never before. The number of Latino-owned businesses grew by more than 50% in the past decade. Leaps and bounds above every other American demographic.”

Perhaps the Congressional Black Caucus could learn something from their Hispanic counterparts and the way they represent their community to this administration, which by the way, has surpassed Black Americans and become the largest minority group in America.  This leads to our next point.

Not only is the CBC failing the black community regarding our economic health, but they are also failing us miserably in probably the most critical effort of all.  The attempt to defend the sanctity of life, and to stop the black genocide that is taking black in the black community through subsidized tax abortions and institutions such as Planned Parenthood.

In 1972, black Congressman Charles Diggs of Michigan called for a congressional investigation into what he called “the sick and invidious targeting of black populations through population control organizations.”  After realizing the disproportionate impact that abortion is having in the black community today, one is left to wonder why the current Congressional Black Caucus is not the leading voice in speaking out against the apparent targeting of the black population.  Where one might ask, is the suspicious outrage from the Congressional Black Caucus when it comes to the war on black women and the violence on them that abortion is inflicting?

Once again, they have allowed Democratic party loyalty to cause them to fail to undertake their sacred responsibility to seek legislation and policy initiatives that would serve the best interest of those they were elected to serve.

Defunding Planned Parenthood and redirecting the more than 500 million dollars of tax money they receive annually is no doubt the best policy decision for the black community writ large. The CBC’s failure to join with the current administration in turning back the horrific gains that the abortion industry realized during the previous administration is unconscionable, and a clear indicator as to exactly where the CBC’s priorities are.  They obviously are not prioritizing the dreams of black children in the same way they chose to defend Hispanic “dreamers”, as evidenced by their lack of courage in standing up against a government that continues to subsidize the legal killing of millions of black children who will never get even to have a dream.

Black legislators were willing to shut down the federal government to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients because they said: “it would be cruel to deport children who came here illegally at no fault of their own.”  We would remind the CBC that the child in the womb of the black mother got their “by no fault of their own” as well, so we would think they would be equally willing to shut things down in their defense…especially in shutting down Planned Parenthood.

It should now be painfully evident to Black America that the Congressional Black Caucus’s hatred of President Donald J. Trump far exceeds their love for black Americans, their country, and even for God. Hate can never be the catalyst for positive change, especially in the black community where that change is so desperately needed, so the CBC’s childish behavior during these critical times is a total disservice to those they are supposed to represent.

In the final analysis, the current black congressional leadership is morally bankrupt and inadequate to lead their constituents towards availing themselves to the benefits of the positive economic trends currently taking place in this country.  If this current class of black congressional leadership doesn’t experience a monumental transformation in their approach to moral and ethical governance, then black Americans must somehow summon the courage and intestinal fortitude to consider other options, throw them all out, and start anew.

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    I am appalled not only at the CBC, but also at the NAACP for their positions on the issues mentioned in this article, especially abortion. Where is the outrage?? Obviously neither are offering any effective change in policies that would help.

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